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What makes a dive bar? Is it the age? Does a bar have to be of a certain number of years to qualify or could a five-year-old bar count? Is it the patronage? Does there need to be a very poor blue-collar element amongst the crowd with three or four consistent men in their forties and fifties, not saying a word to one another? If it’s a chain of any variety it doesn’t count. We can all at least agree there.

Let’s go ahead and set the specific terms of what makes a dive bar, as per this article at least. The bar will not be a chain, i.e. if there are more than one of them, it’s out. The bar has to be at least ten years old. It must not be a hotspot of the local collegiate hipsters that tend to seek out dive bars. Certain bars over the years have given up themselves to becoming a hotspot for them and have since cleaned up their ways, lost their original clientele and changed bartenders. Dive bars have male adults who tend to be big as their bartender, not little twenty-three-year-old blonde beauties like hipster dive bars do. A real dive bar requires a bartender who can also be a bouncer.

Dive Bars in Minnesota

Cuzzy’s: A Beautiful Disaster

Right in the Minneapolis North Loop, Cuzzy’s can be found. The business understands that price is what’s most important to most people looking for a bar like it. To get a burger at a reasonable price is a major deal for the type of person who will tend to spend thirty or forty hours a week in a bar. Even the greatest of alcoholic must have a meal from time to time.

Liquor Lyle’s is Legendary

The iconic Liquor Lyle’s is a great staple in a dive bar filled evening in Minnesota. Located in Minneapolis, the bar is home to some of the best deals in town. Two for one special are common and the values given out exceed most bars in general, especially in Minnesota.

Dusty’s Bar Dazzles

Dusty’s Bar is on Marshall St on the North East side of Minneapolis and is an absolute staple in the community. Stepping into the bar makes one crave whisky, neat. There’s something quite divine about sitting in the corner of the bar-top staring down into your glass and up at the retro cash register. It is almost a step back into time, if only for a moment.

Go to Minneapolis

If there’s one common theme throughout this article and list, it’s this: Minneapolis has great dive bars. The city begs you to come take a stroll through its streets and check out the lovely bars they have to check out. While there is live great music with traditional bars all around, there are these beautiful holes in the wall type places which have so much character and history to them, that a night in one might just get to you. Check out the Minneapolis dive bar scene.

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