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Lake Michigan belongs to the five Great Lakes. The third largest lake of the five Great Lakes, Lake Michigan is the only lake whose borders are contained within the United States. That pretty much makes Lake Michigan “America’s Great Lake”. The other four Great Lakes crossed boundaries between the US and Canada. The Great Lakes are often referred to as the “Third Coast” after the Pacific and the Atlantic. Livnfresh calls it the “Fresh Coast“. A great number of AMAZINGLY beautiful beaches run along Lake Michigan.

Who discovered Lake Michigan?

Lake Michigan started its formation when two tectonic plates moved apart forming the Mid-Continent Rift. Samuel de Champlain, a French explorer sent his subordinate Jean Nicolett to search for the “Northwest Passage”. But Nicolette discovered Lake Michigan in 1634. He explored the southern part of the lake, Chicago’s present-day location.

Where is Lake Michigan?

Lake Michigan flows across Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin. The straits of Mackinac connect Lake Michigan and Lake Huron in the northern part.

How deep is Lake Michigan?

The average depth of Lake Michigan stands at approximately 279 feet. The lake has a depth of 922 feet at its deepest point.

How big is Lake Michigan?

Lake Michigan is the third largest Great Lake in North America and fifth-largest in the world. Its water surface covers 22,300 square miles.

How wide is Lake Michigan?

Lake Michigan is 118 miles wide, 307 miles long and covers 22,300 square miles.


How many gallons of water in Lake Michigan?

Lake Michigan is the second largest Great Lake when it comes to the volume of water. It has about 1,108 cubic miles of water or 6 quadrillion gallons of water. The lake also provides drinking water of over one billions gallons a day. Lake Michigan’s water can fill 24 trillion bathtubs or about 3,000 bathtubs every day worldwide.

What kind of fish are in Lake Michigan?

Fish thrive in the waters of Lake Michigan which has an estimated 15 million fish.  The lake serves as home to brown trout, Chinook salmon, coho salmon, lake trout, rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, multiple sunfish species, steelhead species, and yellow trout. Love to Fish? Check out this “Michigan Fishing T Shirt“!

Best time to catch fish in Lake Michigan

Each species of fish has certain seasons when you have the best chances to catch the best and the biggest fish in Lake Michigan. The best period to catch coho salmon falls in mid-February to May and from September to October. The coho salmon that dwells in the lake are about 2 to 3 pounds.

For Chinook salmon, the best time to catch this fish in in the months of May and mid-July until September. They are about 7 to 12 pounds in size.

The best time to reel in the steelhead fish from a pier or boat hits the highest in mid-June until August. When fishing from a stream, it peaks around July through February. The fish average size weighs in at 7 to 10 pounds.

Lastly, the lake trout population’s highest number of catch falls in mid-June until August and from the middle of October until the start of November. Lake trout weighs in around 8 to 12 pounds and best fished by boat.