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A city within the Oakland County in the state of Michigan, Novi is surrounded by other well-known cities steadily attracts residents over the past few years. Located approximately about 25 miles northwest of Detroit, and 25 mile northeast of Ann Arbor, it has some amazing amenities of quality living within an arm’s reach of great destinations.

Its name origin is a much-debated topic; some claimed that the name came from the former resident, Dr. J. C. Emery, at the suggestion of his wife. Back in the days, early settlers were looking for a shorter name than Farmington and supposedly came up with Novi. Others believed that the name was derived after the 6th toll gate on the Grand River toll road which was indicated as ‘No. VI’.

Pretty much an overlooked destination, it’s hailed as one of the best small towns to live in Michigan. Its views boast of beautiful sceneries that are tranquil and very relaxing. Visitors love Novi as a quick retreat from the busy city surrounding it. But little to some folks know, Novi is a gateway to many great destinations.

Maybury State Park

Maybury State Park is famous for its hiking and biking trails with a great addition of horseback riding facilities. It also has one of the best working educational farms in the region. The park comes alive during the winter season as it’s a popular cross-country skiing destination. People love how the park encourages owners to bring their dogs to train. It has a nice, quiet, and relaxing environment which many take advantage to recharge their mind and body. With great secluded spots, many adore its nicely laid out trails with serene views. The Maybury State Park boasts of a diverse landscape with evergreen forests, a large pond and many animals. Families love going in their guided tour of maple sugaring process. Children love the wagon ride going to the sugar bush to taste their warm syrup right from the evaporator.  

TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park

For folks who love to experience a bit of adrenaline rush, the TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park is the right place to visit. It’s a recreational center filled with zip-line trails, elevated bridges, and climbing platforms places in luscious evergreen forests. With well-maintained equipment, visitors feel safe to climb different levels of climbing platforms at their own pace. It’s a great place to get families bond together as they complete each challenge which is all engaging and super fun. Their zip lines are popular attractions especially for people who have headed for heights. They offer plenty of course with varying degrees of difficulty so even younger children can still enjoy the place. It’s a good fun outdoor activity for families whenever the weather calls for it.

Northville Historical Society

Northville Historical Society is another great destination in Novi, which keeps children and adults entertained for hours. It’s a living museum filled with interactive activities and storytelling in a 19th-century building backdrop. It’s known to have a great local history displays and great environment which visitors love. People can walk around its grounds and see Victorian-era houses, and picnic areas which are a great place to eat snacks. Step back in time and marvel at Fort Griswold play structure which is about a two-minute walk. The museum always makes time for family-oriented activities throughout the year like duck races, Victorian Festival, Christmas Workshop, and the much celebrated Fourth of July.

Greenmead Historical Village

One ideal summer destination, Greenmead Historical Village has attracted a lot of attention from locals and its surrounding cities. The preserved 1820s homestead has a well-preserved historical village, complete with its original farm and plenty of picnic spaces. It’s open all year round, but it comes alive during summer months with their fun family activities wherein visitors love their beautiful gardens and historic buildings. They even have a small church that’s perfect for weddings. Needless to say, there’s a lot of photo opportunities in the place that post worthy.

Lakeshore Park

Hailed as one of the flowiest mountain bike trails in Michigan, Lakeshore Park has great outdoor activities that families would love like swimming, ski, and bike trails. It’s equipped with concession stand, restrooms, and different playgrounds for kids. The park has plenty of shaded picnic spaces for families to enjoy lunch – al fresco. Lakeshore is a good place especially for inexperienced riders because of their varying trails that are well marked. They even added an expansion area and a pump track for those who want to test their skills. The great part is that most of the trails are done by other biking enthusiasts out of volunteer hours. Now, that a community everyone wants to have.

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