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Going on a vacation doesn’t mean you have to break the bank when rocking your slick Michigan apparel. There a number of ways to find activities for your kids to enjoy without spending too much. When in Bloomfield Charter Township, try these cheap and sometimes free activities for your family.


Drake Sports Park

Drake Sports Park is perfect for you kids to play with while having a picnic on its grassy grounds. You can also enjoy a leisure walk around the park, go biking or jog all year, all seasons. It’s easy access when heading here and there is plenty of room for parking. The park also has tennis courts and skateboard ramps. Baseball fields and large community building are also available for renting. Drake Sports Park is a popular destination even for locals. Your kids will enjoy the swing or go for skateboarding. The park is well kept and you can also bring your dog with you.


Clinton River Trails

The 16-mile long trail stretches from rural, urban and suburban areas in the region. It’s a great way to enjoy nature while biking, jogging or taking a brisk walk. The park boasts of a paved trail made of asphalt so prepare for your best running shoes. Restrooms are available along the trail that makes it easier for visitors.  Nature buffs will truly love spending time in the trail exercising. Also, feel free to bring your dogs with you, just make sure to pick up after them.


Marshbank Park

The recently renovated park is great for toddlers. They have soft rubber and wood chips around the playground.  If you are lucky, you may even bump into an evening concert in the summer. Parking is very close to the playground and the park also has clean restrooms. You may find locals sitting just enjoying the view. You may want to go on to the floating dock on Cass Lake.  Most of the people them try to fish for fun, but not all ended up lucky.


Cranbrook Art Museum

Architecturally well-designed building where inside you get a collection of arts and outside you will see sculptures, statues, fountains, ponds and the greenery. Handmade collections drawn in 2d and 3d are also shown in the Cranbrook Art Museum.


Cranbrook House

Famous (at least to historians) residents Eden and George Booth built the Cranbrook House in 1908. The place has a well-maintained gardens and a museum. Designers will definitely appreciate the 319 acre of land with a beautiful view.  Take a walk in its grounds and you will notice the Arts and Crafts design movement. Even with a minimalist interior, the collections are quite extensive. They feature different a artist almost every season, so you’ll be hard pressed to have the same experience twice.


The Maple Theater

If you want to delight more of your senses, including your belly, they come and visit the Maple Theater. It features some of the first releases of the major blockbuster films and independent filmmakers. What makes Maple Theater unique is the wide variety of refreshment, a take away from the ordinary movie houses’.  They offer cocktails, coffee, and even dinner options.


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