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What Does State Pride Apparel Mean?

By FelMasterMind | February 25, 2020

State pride is not about being better than any other place (but come on Michigan IS the best state). It’s all about being proud of where you are from. Livnfresh believes that state pride is not a competition, but rather an expression of how much you love your state. In our case, we express our […]

What Celebrities Have Ties To Northern MI?

By FelMasterMind | February 17, 2020

Northern Michigan attracts people all over the world with its wonderful sights and sounds. Often, this includes celebrities. Livnfresh has listed down some of the stars who have spent significant time in Northern MI: these are the most famous celebrities who are known to live in or visit Northern Michigan. Traverse City is one of […]

Downtown Traverse City Announces Traverse City Restaurant Week

By FelMasterMind | February 14, 2020

Downtown Traverse City has announced that the annual Traverse City Restaurant Week will be happening from February 23 to 29 this year. During the event, three-course menus will be $25 or $35 per person, giving customers the chance to experience the full range of Traverse City’s dining culture. Now on its tenth year, the Traverse […]

Checkout the Alpine Tavern & Eatery’s Unique Igloo Dining Experience in Gaylord

By FelMasterMind | February 4, 2020

The Alpine Tavern in Gaylord has added a pair of igloos to its outdoor seating area in order to bring in more people to its already-popular patio during the colder months. The igloos are already being seen as a great way to draw in people from all over Northern Michigan and beyond. The venue offers […]

Why the Hickory Hills Renovation in Traverse City is Great for Everyone

By FelMasterMind | January 28, 2020

After undergoing renovation, Hickory Hills in Traverse City is ready to serve Northern Michigan skiers and snowboarders for the next 50 years and beyond. The Hickory Hills Ski Area has always been a great place for family fun. It provides plenty of opportunities for thrilling adventures during the winter season. The family can try a […]

Why Is Winter Time The Best Time To Do A Wine Tour?

By FelMasterMind | January 24, 2020

When it comes to visiting a winery, there really isn’t a bad time. However, the time of year will affect your overall experience, so planning a visit to your vineyard is a great idea. For example, summer attracts a lot of people to vineyards for wine tasting tours. But we are here to discuss why […]

What are the Best Indoor Water Parks in Michigan

By FelMasterMind | January 13, 2020

For families who are looking for a fun-filled adventure, there’s no need to get out of the state and travel far: Michigan has a number of exciting indoor water parks that are perfect for day trips and full weekend getaways. They say nothing brings a family closer together than a Pure Michigan water park adventure. […]

What is Throwback Thursday and How did it Become a Thing?

By FelMasterMind | January 3, 2020

For the next few months, Livnfresh will be participating in Throwback Thursdays of sorts. This exciting new relaunch will bring back Livnfresh designs from “the beginning of time”. We have had so many people ask where they can rebuy their favorite shirt that got lost. And so, after much thought, we have decided to relaunch […]

Michigan’s 15 Points of Interest

By FelMasterMind | December 30, 2019

Michigan is a beautiful state—which is why we here at Livnfresh are always inspired to make high-quality state pride apparel. We know all about the sights and the sounds of the Mitten State. But for those who are not yet familiar with the wonders of Michigan—you are in luck! We are here to talk about […]

LivnFresh Greets Michigan ‘Happy Holidays’ with New Holiday Commercial

By FelMasterMind | December 26, 2019

During the holiday season, Livnfresh has been running tv ads. Since November 29, viewers can watch the newest holiday-themed commercial of LivnFresh, airing on TV 7&4. The commercial features Michigan’s very own state pride apparel company, LivnFresh, greeting shoppers “Happy Holidays”. The 15-second TV spot shows off LivnFresh’s Michigan-themed merchandise, including caps, shirts, sweatshirts, and […]

LaughFest in Grand Rapids, Michigan is Eager to get the Rubber Chicken Toss Record Back

By Stephen Twomey | March 11, 2016

Things To Do In Michigan March 2016 The seriously funny event, LaughFest set to start and bring laughter in Michigan on March 10-20 is not just eager to make everybody laugh but also wants their Guinness back. They are all set to regain their Guinness World Record for the largest rubber chicken toss. Apart from […] Read More

Transformer 5 to Film in Detroit, Michigan

By Stephen Twomey | March 10, 2016

The 5th installment of the action-packed, Michael Bay movie “Transformers” is set to film in Detroit, Michigan. Though this is not a surprise because Detroit is also the location of 3 of the past “Transformers” films. Because of the several “Transformers” films filmed in Detroit, this movie will use some of the same locations where […] Read More

Carter Oosterhouse headshot

Michigan’s Smart & Oosterhouse Bring Kids Joy

By Stephen Twomey | January 8, 2016

Carter Oosterhouse, a Native of Michigan is a leading expert in creating amazing spaces to work play and live. Carter’s Charity, Carter’s Kids is dedicated to helping enrich the lives of Children wherever he and his wife Amy Smart happen to be. The couple shares time between their home in California and In Northern Michigan. […] Read More

Things To Bring To The Beach In Michigan When You Have Kids

By Cara | July 15, 2019

Navigation: 1. Rolling Beach Cart 2. Sunscreen 3. Snacks 4. Cooler 5. Drinks If you’re visiting the Wolverine State this summer, there’s a good chance you’ll be heading to the beach. There’s a reason this great state is also nicknamed the Great Lake State. With coastlines bordering three of the great lakes, this state is […] Read More

Why Michigan White Wines Taste So Good?

By Cara | July 11, 2019

Navigation: It’s All About Location Rich Soil and Great Lakes A Quick Guide to Michigan-Exclusive White Wines A glass of white wine is the perfect thing to enjoy during a relaxing summer afternoon. The Great Lakes State makes some of the best white wine in the world, and we’ve been enamored with the crisp and […] Read More

5 Wineries you must Visit in LeeLanau County, MI

By Cara | July 8, 2019

Navigation: 1. Rove Estate Vineyard and Winery 2. Chateau Fontaine 3. Sandhill Crane Vineyards 4. Verterra Winery 5. Leelanau Wine Cellars Situated in the northwestern portion of the state of MI, Leelanau County is home to numerous lakes, gorgeous landscapes, and intriguing wildlife. The area also boasts many wineries in which you can get a […] Read More

3 Best Wine Tours In Traverse City

By Cara | July 4, 2019

Navigation: 5-Hour Traverse City Wine Tour by Magic Shuttle Designated Driver Tour Blue Lakes By The Bay Conclusion Traverse City is home to some of the best wines in the world. Our grapes are grown in a way that makes them rival the best harvests in Naples, France, or Italy, and no one can match […] Read More

What US Presidents Are From Michigan?

By Cara | June 28, 2019

Navigation: Ford’s Early Life in Michigan Ford’s Career at the University of Michigan Ford’s Rise to Prominence Ford’s Michigan Legacy What US state is the birthplace to the most presidents? If you guessed Virginia, you’re right! Ohio comes in second place with seven. New York is third with five, and Massachusetts is in fourth with […] Read More

How did Michigan become a State?

By Cara | June 24, 2019

Navigation: French Explorers Urban Areas   Michigan has a long and fascinating history. By the time it was admitted to the union as the 26th state on January 26, 1837, it had already seen many population changes, a number of wars, as well as the construction of the Erie Canal. Some of the first residents […] Read More

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