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If you’re looking to spend some time in Battle Creek with the family, this Michigan town has a lot to offer the little ones in your entourage. With them in tow, any of the following places will be a blast.


Dr. John Harvey Kellogg Discovery Center

The Dr. John Harvey Kellogg Discovery center is not just your ordinary museum. Kids will surely love this discovery center. Their guides are well informed not just about the facts but how to keep your family entertained during the tour. They will encourage you to try and test some of the health equipment in the vicinity.  Try to visit during the summer or spring so you can also explore some of the village outside. Your kids will learn a lot in some of Kellogg’s inventions. Much of modern day health equipment was patterned from many of Kellogg’s contraptions.



Binder Park Zoo

The zoo is well maintained and a beautiful place with a natural setting for the animals. Despite its small size, the held lots of animals. They also have an African Safari Area and kids will love this place. They have a train ride inside the vicinity and other activities for your kids. You can also enjoy the small scenery as the zoo chooses to keep a natural habitat for the animals. They boast of a great giraffe exhibit where you can also feed them. It’s a great time to spend the morning just walking to explore the zoo.



Full Blast

Beat the summer heat in Full Blast. It’s a good indoor-outdoor water park and they also have slides perfect for you kids. Aside from bigger slides which are popular for teenagers they also have smaller slides for toddlers. The place also has a trampoline to drain your kid’s adrenaline rush. Keep your kids busy in Full Blast and you don’t need to bring that much food, they offer hot dogs and nachos at a fair price. The lifeguards are all attentive keeping everyone safe as the crowds may go rowdy sometimes.


Try a Hot Air Balloon Ride at Altitude Endeavors, Inc.

Not every city offers hot air balloon ride, so if you come and visit Battle Creek, this activity is a must. I would not advise you to go if you have toddlers, but for teenagers so seek adventure, this one tops the list. Experience Battle Creek in a different perspective (I mean literal), once afloat, you will be amazed in the scenic view. It’s a breathtaking view from above, perfect for those social media selfies (hey not everyone can experience this).



Kingman Museum

Huge museum can sometimes overwhelm little kids but the Kingman Museum is just perfect for them. Edward M. Brigham established the museum 1934. Since then, the main focus of the museum is about displaying artifacts from Brigham’s expedition and natural history. The large polar bear and musk ox will greet you and always creates fascination in children. It’s the right size for young minds to explore and learn history. The staffs are well informed and very friendly. They even know how to keep those little minds engaged. Kingman Museum also has a Children’s Garden and it’s a great place to visit. It is a very good destination for couples with small children.


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