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In almost every corner of this Michigan town, you will find a place to eat. But for travelers who sometimes wonder about the good and often fantastic places to eat, this one is for all of you. Canton Charter offers different cuisines from almost every part of the world. Don’t believe me? Then here goes a list of their most raved restaurants in the city. Expect classic American fare, dishes from the Middle East and a fusion of all kinds of extraordinary cuisines.


Biscuits & Gravy (Great for Breakfast, Brunch, and Sandwiches)

When traveling it’s best to have a full stomach to fuel your day ahead.  What is great about Biscuits & Gravy they serve generous portions, a fantastic way to start the day. Their portions can feed two people at a reasonable price! It’s dining from home, away from home. The owner and the staffs really do care about their customers, very attentive and friendly. They have a very homey atmosphere which is great when traveling. Another fantastic experience with this place is that almost all of the foods (and I mean all of them) taste delicious. You can come here every day and order different food from the menu and not be disappointed. So my advice? Just go. Don’t hesitate.


Urban Tawa Indian Kitchen  (Indian food, Vegetarian, Vegan)

There’s nothing special about the place, no gimmicks, no flashy décor. Urban Tawa is just natural, warm and inviting-which I love. And I love the food even more. There’s a couple of Indian restaurant in the area, but nothing beats this place. Everything is a must try, their samosas, vegetable biryani, paneer, honestly I can go on and on but I’ll stop here. But I have to commend those pieces of bread, it’s just right, not too soft and perfectly baked (or fried). Their appetizers are just amazing, and did I mention most of their foods are vegan? It’s perfect for those who are really conscious about what they are eating. Even more fantastic is that they are continuously remaking their menu to make it even more vegans.


Curry On Crust Desi Pizza (Indian, Pizza)

Okay, here’s the thing, it’s not that I love Indian food, but this place is really unique. It’s like a fusion of Indian and Italian cuisine (which is a rare combination).  They have this pizza that has a different twist on their crust and I am sure you will love it. The crust is the most boring (yet important part) of pizza and they made it interesting when they create Curry on Crust without overpowering with the flavors. The pizza is not even that greasy compared to other pizzas. Curry on Crust menu is very affordable for those budgeted date nights. Everyone can eat here as their food was certified Halal. They even make mango pizza.


La Sharm Palace (Meditteranean and Middle Eastern Cuisine)

There are handfuls of restaurant that offers great food, generous servings and not to mention really delicious food for a cheap price. La Sharm Palace is one of them. You can like eat $3-4 of really tasty pita sandwiches from your choice of meats, combined with tabouli. Their deboned chicken with rice and garlic paste is a must try. Their oven-fired pita bread always comes out fresh from the oven. They really stand out not just because of their food, but for their service as well. You can feel you are indeed welcome and the servers love their job.


Courthouse Grille (Italian)

Ah and then there’s Italian. I know you are expecting to read something about this. The usual pizza and pasta dining experience, well this is not your ordinary Italian resto. They offer a lot more. It’s an amazing dining experience here are Courthouse Grille, there was never a time I did not enjoy their food. The staffs are all accommodating with questions and helpful on what your belly craves. It’s like a super fine dining experience where you can still jeans while ravishing fine dining cuisine. A performer seems like serenading you while waiting for your food. And it’s worth the wait.


Kabuki (Japanese)

Kabuki is one of those places that have the highest rating when it comes to reviews. So I checked it out myself. And I true to its review this place is amazing. They offer the best and the freshest sushi in town. The place has a very classic yet stylish décor and interior. Despite its location, it has a very spacious dining area, supposes it gets packed really easily. Even when there’s a lot of people inside, its rather clean and you get seated immediately. If you are not so familiar with Japanese cuisine, don’t worry, their menu has a very helpful picture of what to expect on your dish.


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