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The changing nature of the climate in and around Michigan is making it difficult for us all to decide what to wear and how to stay safe when we head out onto the Grand Traverse Bay waters. We have gone through a long period of low levels in the Great Lakes with scientists often clashing over what is the cause of these periods of high and low water levels. Among the reasons why we look set to face a period of record-high levels is a lack of evaporation, record-high rainfall totals over the winter and spring, and the phenomenon of Seiches.

Grand Traverse Bay

You may question why the issue of record high water levels in the Great Lakes is such an issue for us? Firstly, if you are like us and hope to spend some time enjoying the waters of Grand Traverse Bay you should be aware that record high water levels can have serious consequences for our summer enjoyment.

Grand Traverse Bay

Secondly, we enjoy getting out on the water and using our boats to navigate some of the most beautiful marine areas of the U.S. but this can be made more dangerous when water levels are high. Speed limits are often set to limit the amount of wake we create as this can often reach land and increase levels of coastal erosion. Other problems caused by high water levels include crops being planted late and the issue of electrocution when a dock is powered by electrical power.

Higher Water Level

The average water levels are far higher than we have seen in the last few years with statistics from the Army Corps. of Engineers showing water levels higher than record-setting levels of 1986. The rise in water levels throughout the Great Lakes as a whole and in Grand Traverse Bay is often reported to be the result of heavy rains in the May and early June.

However, we have been looking back at the statistics from local colleges and we have been experiencing heavy rains above the local average for around six years. The higher than average level of rain in the Great Lakes for the last few years has been accompanied by a shorter summer period that has resulted in less evaporation for a number of years.

Coast of Grand Traverse Bay

One of the biggest problems we are facing when we see higher than average water levels in the Grand Traverse Bay region is the chance for higher water levels along the coast. Along the Coast of Grand Traverse Bay and the rest of the Great Lakes, the chances of flooding will be high as coastal regions will see higher water levels with storms raising the water level to dangerous levels.

The phenomenon of seiches will be one we will have to be aware of as this can make certain areas of the coast more dangerous than others. You can expect a sudden rise in the water level on one coast of Grand Traverse Bay when seiches are taking place and high winds drive more water to one end of the lake than another.

The coming Summer is forecast to be a changeable one for the majority of regions in and around the Grand Traverse Bay area with storms and flooding a real possibility. If you want to be as prepared to face all the elements possible in the Great Lakes region you should head to Livnfresh.com and check out the unmatched level of apparel we have on offer.