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Whether it is your first time visiting Detroit or been here for the “nth time”, you probably don’t want to miss out these great places to grab some food.

El Barzon Restaurante

Detroit may not house that many Mexican Italian restaurants but when it does, you can be sure it’s a good one! El Barzon is different in so many ways. They serve high-class Mexican food and amazing homemade pasta on one plate. The Mexican owner worked for several years in an Italian restaurant before opening El Barzon which explains why this place serves authentic food in both fares. The amazing ambiance added to the owner’s touch of classic Mexican flair, and they also have an outdoor seating.


Duly’s Place

Almost all of the locals agree that Duly’s Place is a place to be to have a taste of an authentic Coney dog. They have been selling inexpensive yet delicious breakfast classics of bacon, eggs, and pancakes for more than 90 years. Staff and diner goers are always friendly and best of all they serve amazing food 24 hours a day! If you want to experience Detroit, then visit this place. Don’t believe me? Just ask Anthony Bourdain. He very much approved this humble restaurant and that’s something coming from a world class top chef.

Green Dot Stables

Another favorite of locals is the Green Dot Stables which serves numerous choices for sliders and fries. This is a great place if you just want to hang around a local bar, watch some sports game and make friends while you’re at it. While their beer is famously good (at a cheap price) wait till you taste their food. Most of the foods are served in a bun, but you’ll be amazed how the chef can make it taste unique and fresh.


Le Petit Zinc

For coffee and crepes, you could not go wrong in Le Petit Zinc. They make sure to serve the freshest crepes and flavorful espresso. Don’t let the tiny space fool you,  because their top-notch crepes and pastries delivers in spades.  During summertime, it’s a great place to meet an old friend and just enjoy the garden patio while catching up. You don’t need to go to France to experience Parisienne brasserie, this place has it!


Slows Bar BBQ Restaurant

Everyone in Detroit (ok maybe exaggerating here) has been to Slows Bar BBQ Restaurant or just Slows. I highly recommend the pulled pork and pork belly which are both superb. Actually, everything on the menu is excellent. People are lining up to get a taste of their foods which are all grilled to perfection. Take my word for it, the wait is worth it.

Mudgie’s Deli

Still craving for more meat? Detroiters will tell you every now and then (just in case you forgot) to go to Mudgie’s Deli. They serve the best sandwiches teeming with splendid concoctions from their menu.  They also have an array of food menu from vegans to meat lovers. It is a hidden gem in the city. This place is relatively cheap, the food is killer and the staff is superb.