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During the holiday season, Livnfresh has been running tv ads. Since November 29, viewers can watch the newest holiday-themed commercial of LivnFresh, airing on TV 7&4. The commercial features Michigan’s very own state pride apparel company, LivnFresh, greeting shoppers “Happy Holidays”.

The 15-second TV spot shows off LivnFresh’s Michigan-themed merchandise, including caps, shirts, sweatshirts, and accessories. These products are perfect for holiday gift-giving, as they are both stylish and functional. The apparel themselves let people express their love for the state, and everything Michigan has to offer.

“LivnFresh creates unique, high-quality clothing for your up north lifestyle,” the announcer says. “Created right here in Northern Michigan.”

Those who are interested can visit LivnFresh stores in Gaylord or Traverse City. And for those who want to learn more about LivnFresh’s offerings, promos, and deals, they can visit the company’s website at https://www.livnfresh.com/

“Happy Holidays from Dave and Cari at LivnFresh,” the commercial closes it out with a heartwarming family photo featuring the founders of this Michigan clothing company.

Dave and Cari Samalik are two creative types who joined forces in marriage and in business, to take state pride wear to the next level. Their love for designing has led to some top gear apparel that expresses their love for the state.

“As creative people, we love to design and build things. We also love where we are from. Being from Gaylord, there are so many amazing things to do. We, like most people that live here, are in love with biking, hiking, and water sport activities. Our love of everything Michigan and the outdoorsy lifestyle that comes with it are the inspiration for so many of our wonderful designs.”

Dave and Cari love to boat and swim with their families. These bonding experiences in the water inspire a lot of their designs. “Everything from ‘the original Michigan D’ to the ‘Lake Girl’ apparel comes from a place of love and inspiration for our home state.”

Dave and Cari have been screen printing shirts for over 25 years in beautiful Northern Michigan. “Michigan isn’t just a state it’s a lifestyle,” they added.

The duo never runs out of ideas because they are actively getting inspiration from the great outdoors. The Samalik family loves golfing, fishing, biking, hunting, and camping: truly enjoying everything the state has to offer.

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