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This event hosted at the Rattlesnake Club of Detroit is the first of two major events this month that will highlight new movers and shakers of the state who have been doing their part to develop the rapidly rising industries.

The Venture Capital Association has honored 3 therapeutic companies for their push into innovative medicine that extends lives as well as increases the quality of life of consumers. Millendo Therapeutics earned $100 at the event to help fund their programs that develop drugs that make life easier for those suffering with endocrine diseases.

The Venture Capital Association also honored some long time serving professors who have done their part to actively raise the next generation of innovators for the Great Lake State.


All this fresh Michigan hype is certainly going to make a little state pride being worn around feel real good.


Millendo Therapeutics, Fontinalis Partners and RetroSense Therapeutics were the top honorees Wednesday at the Michigan Venture Capital Association’s 2016 Awards Dinner at the Rattlesnake Club in Detroit.

Ann Arbor-based Millendo Therapeutics works on finding drugs to improve the quality of life for patients with endocrine diseases. It won the Capital Event of the Year Award as the state’s largest health care deal in 2016 and largest venture capital financing round in the state.

Detroit-based Fontinalis took the 100 Award as it closed on a $100 million capital fund, the largest raised in the state this year. Ann Arbor-based RetroSense, which aims to restore vision to those with a retinal degenerative condition, won Exit of the Year because it was acquired for $60 million by pharmaceutical giant Allergan.  Continue Reading

Image via Michigan Venture Capital Association