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Denver, Colorado. You’ve certainly heard of it. Best known for its red chile sauce, colorado burrito, Southwest omelet, breakfast burrito, chiles rellenos, tamales, 300 days of sunshine per year, and 200 named peaks, Denver has definitely caught the attention of tourists. Have you ever researched about Denver, and think about moving or visiting here? Well, think again. What if we tell you that there is much more to Denver than meets the eye? We have listed many of the things not many people know about this city— be prepared.

You can dress down here.

If you ever visit other cities such as Los Angeles, you can certainly see many people well dressed and have luxurious fashion sense. But what about Denver? Well, you can dress down in this city. If you’re ever visiting Denver or you’re moving in this city, leave all of your formal attire behind. The standard look here is jeans and a t-shirt. You can actually go around the city, meet new people, and go to new places without having to dress up? That means you can live your everyday life without worrying about what others say and society judging or defining you by your appearance. Wow. Sounds pretty..unusual… doesn’t it?

Denverites are pretty friendly.

The city’s population has increased by 200,000 since 1990 and most Denverites are known to be welcoming and friendly. When you’re walking around downtown or in other neighborhoods, you can expect to be greeted with hellos and smiles. In addition to this, when you’re on a hike, people ask you to take pictures for them and also offer to take your pictures. Sounds like a bright and happy city, right? Sounds pretty unrealistic if you ask me. Because what do you see on the news and the media? The world is just full of discrimination, jealousy, and hate. Then there are these Denverites being all friendly. Makes you kind of think, there must be something unusual going on in Denver, Colorado with Denverites that make them good people.

People can bike here because of the good weather.

It is quite important to note that the sky in this city is bluer and the stars are brighter than other parts of the country— I wonder why? Apparently, the city of Denver is mostly sunlit throughout the whole year, making it a perfect place to bike as a reliable mean of transportation. Meaning, people in Denver actually bike to get to places. Who does that? Who exercises their body, saves money, as well as save the earth by limiting the carbon monoxide excreted by cars that leads to pollution. We just don’t get it.

Denver, Colorado

Denver is full of art and music.

When you walk all around the city of Denver, you’ll be bombarded with visual arts, music, and performing arts. Denver Performing Arts Complex has nine theatres that can be filled up with 10,000 people. Furthermore, this city’s live music scene is never silent—ranging from intimate venues such as the Paramount Theatre to open-air spots such as Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre, where famous artists like the Beatles and U2, have performed in. This surely gives people an abundant amount of joy and pleasure— this is probably why Denverites are known to be happy, friendly, and welcoming people for they are full of joy in life. Who knew that money, luxury, and lust, cannot give people true happiness. Instead, the simple things, such as the beauty of art and music, can put people in the better mood.

You can enjoy a variety of free-public park option.

With Denver, you are able to go to dog parks, skate parks, bike parks, walking parks, grassy parks, gay parks, and Red Rocks, for free! Hmmm. In this world filled with money-grubbing societies, the city of Denver actually doesn’t care about earning a profit from the public? And people are able to enjoy the outdoors and spending time with their loved ones without worrying about money? Sounds a bit strange.

Denver has one of the most walkable downtowns in the US.

Being the 10th largest downtown in America and one of the most exciting ones, with three major sports stadiums, the nation’s second-largest performing arts centre, three colleges, a wide range of arts, history, and science museums, a river that offers white water rafting, 8,400+ hotel rooms, theme and water park, and 300 restaurants, Denver can get pretty boring.

Denver is near the mountains, not in them.

The last strange thing about the city of Denver is its mountains. How many times have you searched for things to do in Denver and you are greeted with information upon information on all of these mountains and mountain activities, such as the Rocky Mountains. What if we tell you that Denver is near the mountains, and not actually in them? We know you might be feeling a bit deceived, played, or even betrayed but it’s okay. We’re here to enlighten you with correct information. Next time, you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet!

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