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While people are busy hunting in the woods, others are busy hunting for great bargains. Events like Hunt Downtown in Gaylord, Michigan give the latter group plenty of opportunities to find the best deals around. LivnFresh is not one to get left behind.

For the duration of the Hunt Downtown event, LivnFresh will have its very own sale. LivnFresh will offer a 15 percent-off storewide sale for one day only. The Hunt Downtown event is happening on November 15, Friday, from 10am to 7pm, at 225 West Main Street.

LivnFresh is one of the businesses participating in the Hunt Downtown event, along with Snowbelt, Lady Latte, Saturn Booksellers, Koukla, White Birch, Alpine Chocolate House, Isabella’s Copper Pot, Great Rooms, Delphine’s Quilt Shop & Old Spud Warehouse, and Woolybuggers.

On top of the 15 percent off promo on everything LivnFresh has to offer, LivnFresh will also be giving away a $50 gift card to one lucky customer.

For more info, visit the LivnFresh website at https://www.livnfresh.com/

Also check out their collection of Michigan-inspired apparel: from caps to shirts, to accessories, LivnFresh lets you express your love for the state.