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The state of Michigan often feels as though it is being held in a tight grip by wintry weather throughout much of the year. However, the opening of a new sports facility is hoping to change the way you enjoy baseball, softball, or a range of other sporting activities in Traverse City. The brainchild of engineer Steve Steimel, Grit Shop is focused largely on baseball and softball training but will host events and different sporting endeavors which will result in a multi-sport facility.


Traverse City is one of the baseball and softball hubs of Michigan with the sport growing at a huge rate over the last few years through rec leagues, school teams, and college play. One of the problems the people of the state faced in the last few years was the lack of a dedicated indoor facility which has been constructed solely to allow an indoor facility the people of the area of can use for a myriad of reasons. Grit Shop is not limiting itself to providing an area for the baseball and softball players of Traverse City to train as a team.

Among the services on offer within Traverse City, Michigan at the Grit Shop are the clinics and group activities on offer throughout the year which cut down on the amount of time each player is off the field. Clinics and private lessons are available for all players who are looking to hone their skills in specific areas of their game to add to their strengths and work on their weaknesses. Producing more high-quality baseball and softball players from the Traverse City area of Michigan is the overall aim of the facility which includes a full-time dedicated baseball and softball field alongside four batting cages. Despite being an indoor field, the Grit Shop facility can be rented for different sports which make this a location all residents of Traverse City can enjoy as they embark on a sporting career.

The lack of dedicated facilities in Traverse City has been an issue for sports fans who have been hoping to spend their time exploring the options open to them in terms of enjoying events and birthday parties. Grit Shop is offering a range of birthday party packages which allow fans of baseball, softball, or another sport to enjoy a themed birthday party in a facility where they can play and exercise in a safe, controlled environment.


One of the issues facing the baseball and softball fans of Traverse City is the fact they have little to no options for playing their chosen sport in the cooler months of the year. The people of Traverse City can now look to enjoy indoor tournaments throughout the year from this impressive facility in the heart of the city which has become a hotbed of softball and baseball. Encouraging the next generation of athletes to embark on a career in softball and baseball is another reason why the Grit Shop is a great option for fans of Livnfresh to explore with their families as they take part in the Turf Tots program.