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One of the things that inspire us the most at Livnfresh, is when we see other people crushing it when they are going about doing their normal daily life. Well today, we are interviewing one of Cari Samalik’s friends and someone that she admires very much. Nikki is truly an inspiring person. She juggles so many plates in her daily and professional life and always finds a way to make sure that she has time for self-maintenance. I mean come on, just take a look at some of her images, this woman is seriously strong and ripped! So we tip our cap to you today Nikki and we are soooo proud to have you as part of our Livnfresh tribe!

Question 1-

How did you first hear about Livnfresh and what drew you to the clothing line?

Being a Gaylord Native I was introduced to it by friends, then just started following the brand online!  I LOVE IT!!! We stopped a while back in the TC Store with friends from Texas and they loved the store too!! Such great products that now remind me of home 

Question 2-

What Is Your favorite piece of Livnfresh apparel?

Hoodies, hoodies and more hoodies.  Great designs, and comfortable wear can’t go wrong

Question 3-

So you are from Michigan but currently live in PA?  Can you tell us what brought you out there and are you enjoying PA?

Well, my husband is a welder and works in the natural gas industry out here.  I do love it, we live in the mountains and the people and outdoor life are amazing, but I do have to say I miss Michigan’s lakes.

Question 4-

What inspires you to stay so strong and physically fit?  Also, what do you do on a daily basis to stay so lean?

I just feel better when I work out, I think the key to fitness is finding something you love to do. I love being outdoors, hiking, riding my horse, skiing, and I love lifting, and the challenge of cardio.  This keeps me fit so I can accomplish my next adventure! We just returned from elk hunting in CO, and that was probably one of the most physical challenges I have ever done, and by prepping myself physically I could actually enjoy it.   I push myself every day to keep going for that next goal, that next adventure.  

To keep consistent with your workouts, and to continually challenge yourself.  I think that makes a huge difference when I discuss goals with clients or when designing my own workout programs.

Photo Source: https://www.instagram.com/fitnik2020/

Question 5-

What do you do to have fun as far as outside activities?

Wow, everything!   I grew up in northern Michigan on a hay farm, so my brothers and I were always outside!   

I love skiing, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, hiking, Paddleboarding, kayaking, fishing and hunting, running, biking, 4-wheeling and most of all riding my horse Wyatt!   Anything outdoors I just really enjoy. We have so many amazing opportunities here in the USA to get out, be active and explore I try to take advantage as much as possible. 

Question 6-

We know that you hunt. Can you tell us did you grow up hunting? And what keeps you coming back year after year?

Yes, my father and grandfather taught me very early how to hunt, and how to respect and enjoy the sport.  Now my husband and I travel to hunt and fish in different areas all over the world. I come back because I love the “what if’s” of hunting?  You never know what will happen, and that is the exciting adventure of it all.  

Question 7-

If you could design your perfect Michigan 2 week road trip, where would you go, what would you do there and why? Also gotta share your favorite eateries while you are there!

Oh, I love this question!  

Well, my older brother lives just outside of Detroit, so I definitely hit a concert or go see the Tigers downtown.  Maybe hit Mexican town, love the stores and food there! Then head towards Grand Rapids, see friends, hit the coast as and travel up Traverse City way, take my time and enjoy our small towns and amazing views. Once I get up close to Traverse City I have to hit Red Ginger (always my fav!) and cruise around the amazing bike paths, maybe catch a ride on the Naughty Cat.  

Spend a few days in Mackinaw, you can never go wrong with a day or 2 on the island, and dinner at the Pink Pony.  Maybe horseback ride around the island or just take bikes.  

But one place I just love and would have to see is Tahquamenon falls and whitefish point in the Upper Peninsula.  Maybe do some camping, hiking, and visit the lake superior shoreline.  

On the way down I-75 south, go to Gaylord, see friends, stop by Kassuba Lake where my Grandfather was raised and we spent so much time as kids and adults!  My favorite spots to dine are Diana’s for breakfast or lunch, and Benethum’s for dinner. But you can’t beat all the newer local restaurants that have popped up since I have been gone!  And I am SO excited that big buck is open, we enjoy eating up there too. I love trying out all the new cuisine that Gaylord has to offer.  

And from there you have to go home, which is Johannesburg Michigan, a small town with one blinking light.  Home is where the heart is. Visit Paul’s Pub with my Younger Brother, have a beer, play some Keno see people I went to school with and just enjoy.  This is my happy place where I can ride horses with my nieces and help my parents on the family farm, and just let life go by as slow as it needs to.  

Photo Source: https://www.instagram.com/fitnik2020/

Thank you!

We want to thank Nikki for letting us interview her. We really appreciate all our tribe members and we are super excited to introduce our audience to Nikki. Please follow her on Facebook https://business.facebook.com/fitniklifestyle, Instagram @FitNik2020 and go check out her website, https://www.nikkifiel.com/.  If you are in Williamsport PA and are looking for a personal trainer or meal prep pro, or if you live in Michigan (she offers a great online Training program also!)  she is your gal!

Thank you for thinking of me!  I will always be a Michigan girl at heart!  Keep making amazing clothing, it’s always nice to throw on a hoodie and be reminded of home,  it’s like a hug from mom! 

Featured Image Source: Nikki Kassuba Fiel