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Summer is synonymous with fun for children. It is a time when they can sit back and rest after a grueling school year. It is when they discover things outside the classroom. A time when they can pursue their interests.

Grand Rapids offers some great and memorable summer adventure for your children. The city packs in both modern facilities and natural resources that offer some unique experience for your little ones. As summer is a time to unwind, the city got it all covered in creating the perfect vacation experience for the little ones.

Whether it may be a museum, new tastes, and the wild outdoors, Grand Rapids has all that. Here are some of the most educational yet still fun places to visit in the city while the school’s out.

Kids On Summer Break

Grand Rapids Children’s Museum

The Grand Rapids Children’s Museum is known for its interactive displays. It allows children to experience and not just look at what’s on display. The museum hosts different kinds of exhibits every season. Each of them developed to spark the interest and make each interactive display memorable for your child. The following are some of the stand-out exhibits at this children’s museum:

Little Grand Rapids – This small town lets your kid experience what it feels like to an adult. It has all the unique establishment and attractions found in the city but in minute form.

Think Tank – This part of the museum allows your kids to use their imagination. It is composed of pipes and blocks that they can use to create things to play around.

Grand Haven City Beach

If you are on the lookout to expose your kids to the wonder of water, Grand Haven City Beach is the right spot for you and your family. The beach is located on Lake Michigan and is conveniently within the vicinity of beachfront restaurant Bil-Mar and Grand Haven State Park. Grand Haven is also a perfect place for kite flying, building sand castles, and other interesting kid-friendly summer activity. It can be found at S. Harbor Drive in the city of Grand Haven.

Food Tour

If your children enjoy flavors or you want to introduce to the new dishes, Grand Rapids is the perfect place to be in summer. It is a basket of different flavors. While burgers and fries are still offered in the city, there are numerous cuisines and experiences you can choose from. The following are some of the child-friendly restaurants in the area:

Kids On Summer Break

New Holland Brewing – while this is a brewery, it also caters to children. New Holland offers different activities for the kids on its back patio. In terms of food, they also serve delicacies like steak, mac n’ cheese, and orange cream soda among many others.

Blue Water Grill – this restaurant offers you great food and a view. It offers a wide range of food choices including pizzas, pasta, and seafood. Additionally, it allows you and your children to take advantage of the nice weather brought by summer by dining out and smelling the breeze coming from Versluys Lake.

Sandy Point Beach House – this establishment was made for family fun. Sandy Point offers not only the best food in the area but also great entertainment. The restaurant allows you to try a different experience every visit as it offers live band, a dancing hall, and an outdoor bocce ball.