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Well, Ladies Night 2019 was a smashing success. We had so many great women stop in and some of you were even wearing your favorite Michigan brand. We loved seeing the “Lake Life” apparel and our “Lake Girl” apparel on full display. We look forward to seeing your husbands, fathers and the men in your life join us for the Men’s Night Traverse City 2019 event coming up Dec 19th.

Here is an “ode” to you our fearless women shoppers, who braved the cold and guzzled the beer, wine or spritzer, whatever was in front of you. Because at least for a few hours, you did not have a child hanging on to you. And for that, oh fearless shopper, we salute you.

Women of the holiday season.

The unsung winter-warriors of December.

Silent Christmas guardians, protecting us from the harsh burdens that hold up the foundation of our Christmas mornings. Year after year, slaving over Christmas dinner, putting up the Christmas tree, preparing for the in-laws staying over, wrapping Christmas presents like a UPS employee stationed in the shipping department, and of course…

The massive amount of Christmas shopping that needs to be done. Still.

Ladies, we ask to what end?

How long must we brave the cold Michigan December alone?

How long must we do this sober?

We have your solution: “Ladies Night”

Like a colony of penguins trekking across Antarctica, Christmas heroes bundle up and march out into the streets of downtown Traverse City, in the admirable pursuit of the holiday gifts that will bring joy and Christmas magic to their loved ones, year after year.

Participating storefronts in the area like our (Livnfresh Traverse City location) prepare for their arrival with games, food and refreshments. Like wine. Lots of wine.

Holiday shopping doesn’t have to be a burden. This year, stand united with your fellow sisters and proudly sip on some Chardonnay as you get little Timmy that Iron Man toy he absolutely needed that’s on sale for $67.99.

Women of the holiday season, this one is for you.

As the kids tear into their Christmas gifts life a pack of rabid hyenas at 5 o’clock in the morning, you can sit back, drink that coffee you secretly slipped Bailee’s in, and know full well that you prepared Christmas this year like the Holiday shopping ninja that you are.