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How Many States Touch Lake Erie?
What State is Lake Erie In?
Where is Lake Erie on the Map?
More Great Lake Erie Trivia

In this article, we will be discussing many basic facts about Lake Erie that will help you during research. Here, we will answer some of the fundamental questions you may have, including things like what states border Lake Erie and a variety of other trivia about this Great Lake. Let’s start.


How Many States Border Lake Erie?

There are four U.S. states that surround Lake Erie. These states are New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Ohio. The Canadian province of Ontario is also near Lake Erie.

What State Is Lake Erie In?

Lake Erie is situated around the four states listed above. All these four states and the Canadian province of Ontario divide the jurisdictions of Lake Erie. These jurisdictions are found in the southern, eastern and western part of the Lake.

It would also be helpful for you to know that the lake is named after the Erie People. This is one of the tribes that live near the lake. There are other tribes in the lake. Many natives also reside here. The tribal name “Erie” is actually short for Iroquoian, which means long tail.

If you want better specifics, Lake Erie is near Lake Huron, which is an inlet in Detroit River. It would also be helpful for you to know that the natural outflow of the lake is Niagara. The falls in the Niagara also provide electricity to U.S. and Canada through Lake Erie.


Where Is Lake Erie Located On The Map?

On the map, you can spot Lake Erie at these coordinates: 42.2°N 81.2°W. That said, the primary inflows of the lake come from Detroit River, while its outflow is at the Niagara River. The basin countries that cater the lake include Canada and the United States. It may also interest you to know that the right ow the max length of the lake is around 241 m. That’s pretty big. It’s a long width considering it’s just a lake. This makes the lake an ideal traveling place for local tourists. The scenic view and forestry around the lake also makes it an exciting place for families to pitch a tent for camping. It’s also an ideal place to fish. Fishing is one of the common activities people do in this lake.

There is about 116 cu mi of water volume in the lake. Its shore length reaches about 799 mi, and 72 mik for its islands. The surface of the lake would also reach an elevation of around 569 ft. The lake right now has about 24+ islands.

It would also be good for your research to learn that the settlements in the lake include Cleveland, Ohio, and Buffalo, New York. Erie, Pennsylvania and Toledo, Ohio are also the other states where the lake is.


Other Important Trivia About Lake Erie

Did you know that the name Erie came from the Native American tribe that lived in the place? The name is from the Erie people that lived in the lake. The name Erie is a derivative of the Iroquoian word erielhonan, which simply means “a long tail.”

It would also be useful for your school essay to learn that the primary inlet of the Lake is the Detroit river. This means that the Lake is able to help generate hydroelectric power. This is because of the Niagara Falls that is located near the lake.

The rich biodiversity in Lake Erie is also worth mentioning. There’s a lot of variety of fish, animals and other species living in Lake Erie. Sadly, these animals are threatened by modern harm, such as water pollution, algae blooms and eutrophication.


There is also rich history in Lake Erie. In fact, the Great War of 1812 happened in the lake. This war is important in the history of America. It’s important because it was able to secure America its independence from the British Empire. Without this victory, America would not have reached its goals.



One of the highlights in the rich war history of Lake Erie involves the leadership of Oliver Hazard Perry. He is the general who led the American soldiers to win the Lake Erie from Britain.


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