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Some of the largest bodies of freshwater in the world are the Great Lakes. These four great lakes are a source of life and livelihood of many that cities grew around it, flourishing on what flora, fauna, and entertainment the waters can provide.

Among these lakes is Lake Michigan (In which Michigan actually means “Large Lake” in the language of the region’s indigenous people) and among the shores of Lake Michigan stands great cities. Which one of them is the largest?


The Windy, but Populated, City

There are plenty of cities around the lake, but hands down the largest and most populated city is Chicago. Known as the Windy City, its land stretches out at 227.34 square miles, (588.81 square kilometers) with the actual city area nearly covering it at 234.14 square miles (606.42 square kilometers) Why is the city area bigger than the calculated land area? That’s because Chicago stretches over the waters, with 6.80 square miles of it, (17.62 square kilometers) being water.

To compare how large it is, the second largest city around Lake Michigan is Milwaukee which has a land area of 96.17 square miles (249.09 square kilometers) and a total city area of 96.84 square miles (249.09 square kilometers.) This makes Chicago more than twice the size of Milwaukee.

With great land comes great building space, and with good building space, comes a lot of people. Chicago is home to 2.7 million people and given the land area of 227.34 sq mi, that means there are approximately 12,000 people per square mile in Chicago.

If you compare that to the second largest city, Milwaukee, it has a population of around 600,000 people. With a city area of about 97 square miles, that means Milwaukee has about 6,000 people per square mile.


Largest City Around Any Great Lake

Chicago is not just the most populated and largest city within the shores of Lake Michigan, it’s actually the largest city among the cities surrounding all the great lakes. In fact, it’s the third most populated city in the entire North American expanse, with New York leading at 8.5 million people and Los Angeles at nearly 4 million people.

With 2.7 Million people and an attraction as big as Lake Michigan, Chicago hosts over 5000 restaurants, over 580 parks with a total land area of 8,100 acres, around 370 historical landmarks, over 250 music venues, 225 miles of bike trails and tracks, 125 art galleries of all sizes and styles, and, of course, 26 beaches with a total of 26 lakefront miles.

There are over 119 hotels all over Chicago, with most of them clustered around the beaches, perfect for those who come from afar or those who live there but want to be far from it all.

Chicago is not something you appreciate within a day, or perhaps even a week. Lake Michigan alone hosts a great variety of things to see and places to explore, so with the Windy City just by the shore, it makes for an excellent time whether you’re a local or a tourist. And if you’re visiting from Michigan, make sure to profess your Michigan-ness with a LIVNFRESH Michigan Native cork ballcap!