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With 11,000 lakes and 64,980 inland lakes and ponds, the state of Michigan has the longest freshwater coastline in the world. In every part of the state, there is a natural body of water not far from it. Big or small, deep or shallow, if you’re in the mood for some freshwater adventure, Michigan has it in spades.

All their lakes and other bodies of water are unique in their own way. Some are larger, some have a more active ecosystem, and some are perfect for hanging out in the sun. Let’s look at some of the great and wonderful lakes of Michigan.


What is the Largest Inland Lake in Michigan?

Measuring 7.5 square miles, the Houghton Lake is the largest inland lake in Michigan. It’s found in Roscommon County, Michigan. It measures 7 and a half miles from north to south and 4 and a half miles across its widest point. To give a better idea, Houghton Lake is as large as 241 Olympic swimming pools combined.

Houghton Lake was named after the state’s first geologist, Douglass Houghton. The lake gets its waters from Cut River that connects it to Higgins Lake. Houghton Lake’s waters flow to Muskegon River in return. The lake is rich with underwater life, offering nearly every specie of game that can be found in Michigan. Fishing enthusiasts will have fun catching yellow perch, largemouth bass, northern pike, and many other fish in the lake.

Locals and tourists enjoy their time on the Houghton Lake by fishing, kayaking, jet skiing and much more recreational water activity. Annual events in Michigan are held along the lake’s shores, including the Tip-Up-Town USA, a large winter sports festival. Tip-Up-Town is held for two weekends during January. Weddings and other private events are also held along the beautiful shorelines of Houghton Lake.

With its beauty, innumerable underwater life, and countless activities to be enjoyed on its shores and in the water, Houghton Lake is a wonderful place to spend with family and friends!


What is the Deepest Lake in Michigan?

The deepest part of a swimming pool is, more often than not, 7 feet. That’s deep enough to make some of us paddle desperately to keep our heads up in the water. Now, imagine a lake that’s nearly 200 times deeper than a regular swimming pool and you’ll get Lake Superior.

At its deepest point, Lake Superior is 1,332 feet deep. Due to its depth, it’s rare for the lake to completely be frozen. It’s located on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and is shared by Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Canadian province of Ontario. Not only is it the deepest lake in Michigan, it is also considered as the largest freshwater lake in the world when it comes to the surface area. It stretches up to 31,700 square miles and has a water volume of 2,900 cubic miles. This makes it the third largest freshwater lake by volume in the world. It certainly deserves its name.

During the Colonial period, Lake Superior was a major route for many trading activities. Even today, it’s still the main shipping hub. Its ecosystem consists of roughly 80 species of fish including trout and salmon. Even aquatic plants are flourishing within and along its shoreline.

The lakes picturesque shoreline makes it a popular destination for tourists and locals. Vacationers can enjoy the day in the sun in the lake’s ocean-like beaches. With its pristine waters, Lake Superior is truly a sight of wonder.


Where is Bear Lake Michigan?

Located in Manistee County, Bear Lake is only 24 feet deep and 2.75 square miles. Bear Lake is also the name of the village located in the southern area of the lake.

Numerous species of fish can be found in the depths of this lake. Anglers will have a good time catching yellow perch, largemouth bass, northern pike, and others. Locals and tourists can enjoy golfing, bike rides, and numerous shops on the shores of the lake.

While Bear Lake is small compared to other popular lakes in Michigan, the natural life and activities along its water and shores make it a must-see.


Where is Crystal Lake in Michigan?

Crystal Lake is located in Benzie County, Michigan. It’s around 40 square kilometers and it’s 165 feet deep at its deepest point.

Crystal Lake is located near Lake Michigan. In 1873, a channel was opened to connect Crystal Lake with Lake Michigan. At the time, Crystal Lake was higher than Lake Michigan. When the channel opened, Crystal Lake’s level dropped for roughly 20 feet. This drop gave way for sandy beaches along its shores.

Resorts and beaches along Crystal Lakes make it a popular destination. Not to mention its pristine clear waters set it apart from many others. Sailing and fishing is also a popular activity over its waters. In fact, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources claims that Crystal Lake offers the best fishing experiences for anglers in the state.


Where is Lake Orion Michigan?

Lake Orion is found in the Orion Township in Oakland County, Michigan. It’s 506 acres in surface area and 80 feet deep at its deepest point. Its area was formed by smaller lakes combined over time.

Several islands can be found in Lake Orion. These islands are for popular waterfront residences. Anglers can enjoy fishing largemouth bass, crappie, northern pike, rainbow trout, and other fish. Along with its shore, beaches and recreational areas are enjoyed by both locals and tourists.


Where is Fife Lake Michigan?

With two islands inside the lake, Fife Lake spans 617 acres. It’s located in Grand Traverse County in Michigan. At its deepest point, it’s around 55 feet deep.

It boasts many fish species for anglers, such as northern pike, rock bass, walleye, yellow perch, and more. Vacationers will also love swimming in its beaches and boating. The lake’s shores are also popular for picnics and camping.

And if you’re planning to go on the water during the colder season, make sure to bring along a warm sweatshirt that also shows off your love of Michigan.