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Things To Do In Michigan March 2016

rubber_chicken_tossThe seriously funny event, LaughFest set to start and bring laughter in Michigan on March 10-20 is not just eager to make everybody laugh but also wants their Guinness back. They are all set to regain their Guinness World Record for the largest rubber chicken toss. Apart from preparing in tickling everyone, they are really preparing the rubber chickens for the toss. The rubber toss record is by a church in Canada for the 999 rubber chickens. LaughFest is eager to get it back with 1,200 rubber chickens to toss at the kickoff on Grand Rapids. We all know that Michigan Is the state with the best comedy and flair for the dramatic, so lets show up and show out!

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (AP) – Gilda’s LaughFest wants its rubber chicken record back.

The annual festival of laughter in western Michigan announced Wednesday that it will seek to regain the Guinness World Records mark for the “largest rubber chicken toss” during a March 10 festival kickoff at Calder Plaza in downtown Grand Rapids.

The first 1,200 participants get rubber chickens to toss.

LaughFest set the record in 2011 with 925 rubber chickens. That same year, the record was broken by a church in Canada with 999 rubber chickens. Learn more about LaughFest and the rubber chicken toss.