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It is rare when you are able to combine your passion with your business venture. When it happens, you get to actually love what you do every day. What a pleasure! Well Dave and Cari Samalik have been able to have that experience. They have been in the screen printing business for over 20 years and they have had a love of all things outdoors forever. They have turned this combination into Livnfresh. Started in 2010 in Northern Michigan, the company produces high quality products that reflect a love of the outdoors and the uniqueness of its customers. The shirts are a cotton polyester mix for a soft and comfortable fit and winning fans all over the USA. The images are exclusive to Livnfresh and are guaranteed not to fade. The screen print designs are innovative and tailored to meet the needs of any one with the smallest inkling of style 🙂 . You can find these designs on all types of fashion apparel, including tee shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, tote bags, hats, and stickers. Any of these products will truly exceed your expectations.

The company name really is a lifestyle for the Samalik’s and their employees. The products help you express your love of outdoor activities and staying fit and active. From a statement, as simple as “Hunter” to something more personal like “Great Lakes Girl” or “Life is Better Unsalted”, you can will LOVE Livnfresh. Now that the company is in thirteen different states, you have an opportunity to also show your love for your particular state. From Florida to California, they are constantly coming up with new ways to showcase your statepride.

Most people love where they live or have a special place they visit, and now this special feeling can be expressed. This love of place is what we all have in common and can be a linchpin that unites us. That theme is carried out on the website and social media platforms where special state run events and locations are highlighted. Information on activities like hiking, biking, golf, hunting, and fishing is also provided. Over the years, Livnfresh has expanded its operations, and this year it opened a new location in the downtown Traverse City area. There was even more excitement when the company announced that in addition to being featured on Amazon, the products were now approved to sell through Walmart online.

Considering the great year experienced by Livnfresh, it only makes sense that the owners would want to celebrate Christmas at an equally successful business. So, on December 1st, all the full-time employees dined at Vernales. This restaurant was voted the #1 steakhouse in Michigan and also won the Wine Spectator’s award of excellence. The awards are meaningless unless you can deliver and Vernales is more than capable of doing just that. The restaurant has great food and an atmosphere for every situation. You can get together with friends and enjoy happy hour at the sports bar or on the patio. If you’re looking for a more intimate, adult only setting, you can dine in the temperature controlled wine cellar. If you’re a group like the Livnfresh employees, you can reserve a table in the Chop House. All areas are casual, with cozy fireplaces, and a diverse menu. Vernales also provides catering and a banquet area for large events like concerts and weddings. Great food and beverages and the perfect atmosphere make Vernales the perfect party place for a company like Livnfresh. Based on their histories, it seems like these two companies will enjoy a great deal of future success.


Vernales Exterior