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When temperatures drop in Michigan, it can be almost impossible to enjoy being in the outdoors. However, children can get wild and unruly without an outlet for their energy. The Busy Bodies Bounce Town is the perfect place to go for fun for the entire family. Get ready to enjoy a full day of fun. Forgive the fact they have no Facebook pics, and pretty much zero presence on their website referencing their Traverse City Location. PS- if you need help Busy Bodies- we know a guy 🙂

During the winter months, it is easy to pick up poor health habits by staying indoors lacking physical activity and interaction. Building better habits is critical for children and adults alike. Busy Bodies Bounce Town encourages healthy, stimulating activity to encourage children to turn of the television and engage in active playtime. Since studies have proven that children perform better in school, are happier, and have higher self-esteem when they are physically active, offering non-violent and healthy options is a great way to fuel healthy bodies and minds.

Things To DO in Traverse City In the winter time

Don’t Let This Be Your Kid!

This massive open area is filled with inflatable bounce houses. Parents are encouraged to participate in the fun by racing their children up and down and around the obstacle courses for an invigorating day of excitement. The best part is that parents are free, so only pay the cost of entry for your children and stay to play all day!

What can you expect upon entry? All parents and children are required to remove their shoes. There is an area for shoes to stay and all patrons are required to keep their socks on. This keeps the snow and dirt off the play area and the socks keep the germs away. Throughout the day, bouncers are cleaned and wiped down and will receive a full cleaning after each day.

If your child has a winter birthday, have no fear. This is a great place to take a group of children for a fun filled afternoon. Parties receive special admission discounts and each birthday package offers different items that help make this birthday a special day for all the guests. Parents can choose from a basic party with just plates, cups, and napkins, to the works package complete with food, toys, and a special guest appearance. Imagine the look on your child’s face when they see all their friends there to help them celebrate their special day. Busy Bodies Bounce Town even offers a customizable party invitation to make life even easier!

The newest and convenient location in Traverse City, Michigan is sure to make winter more fun, bouncy, and enjoyable. Laugh, run, jump, and play among the variety of bounce houses. Admire the new skills, self-confidence, and self-reliance your children exhibit as they navigate their way through the soft and safe walls of fun filled inflatables. Challenge them to races over and through all the different obstacles and get ready to leave with children who will sleep well that night. Cherish family time in a whole new atmosphere at Busy Bodies Bounce Town in Traverse City, Michigan today. The only thing better than being outdoors is being indoors on these awesome bounce inflatables having the time of your life.

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