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There’s a great place to live and vacation that has nearly everything within reach. It has snowy winters find us enveloped in the coziness of soft pajamas while sitting by a roaring fire with a good book. Perhaps active winter sporting activities that accompany the season ranging from upscale ski areas to vast unspoiled cross country ski trails is more your style. This unique place also offers sparkling sunshine and warm temperatures requiring sundresses, shorts, and tank tops. It’s an abundance of lakes and streams afford sporting and recreational fun for the entire family.

Looking for Michigan Clothing

Burnished Autumn colors beckon as people don their sweatshirts and take a walk through leafy trees decked out in a kaleidoscope of deep rich hues accompanied by a touch of coolness in the air. This may sound too good to be true but the great state of Michigan, nestled among this country’s Great Lakes, is most certainly all those things and so much more. If you want to experience these adventures (or dream about them), do it in true Michigan style with a visit to Livnfresh.com.

After your trip is planned, whether it requires airline travel or just a short road trip, you’ll need to plan the clothing that will accommodate all this fun and adventure. Vacation gear is always a fun choice with the breathable fabric and cheeky sayings printed on them. Sweatshirts, pants, hats, and accessories can be found nearly everywhere. Unfortunately, the prices are usually extremely high when compared to the cheap fabric and poor craftsmanship on most of these items because they’re geared for tourists.

Tourists are transient by definition, so maintaining a reputation for quality goods is not a priority. These overseas manufacturers and “vacation hut” vendors do not waste time worrying about customer loyalty. Their business philosophy is more akin to “get the money, get out.”

Livnfresh is a proud Michigan online clothing and accessories company through and through. Their merchandise is all Michigan made in a world where overseas sweatshop-produced goods seem to dominate. Sadly, we’ve all become desensitized to resort and vacation gear that shreds into pieces a week after we return home. We’ve come to expect poor quality in this merchandise. With Livnfresh, the opposite is the norm.

Looking for Michigan Clothing

Since these goods are made in Michigan, designed not only for visitors but for residents as well, quality craftsmanship is the primary goal. Made by Michiganders FOR Michiganders means that these products are created and assembled by folks who envision their own families and friends wearing these garments. Surprisingly, this level of quality does not cost any more than the shoddy imitations.

Aside from quality and craftsmanship, Livnfresh offers a stylish, fresh, fun collection of products. The shirts with regional slang or cheeky remarks are made of durable, breathable fabrics in fun color choices. The accessories, including hats, jewelry and so much more are youthful designs made of contemporary materials. Solids, stripes and patterned, Livnfresh clothing always become the “go to” articles we reach for every day.