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This news comes with a bit of mixed feelings. The state of Michigan has received a $14.7 billion dollar settlement from Volkswagen due to falsified emission test results on their 2015 diesel vehicles.

That being a whole lot of bad, the proud state of Michigan has set out to make the best out of a good situation and is requesting information on any existing projects for zero-emission vehicles so that the state can then invest the settlement funds into getting some real environment saving cars on the road.


We’re expecting clean air in the great lakes state as the state pushes for more and more clean air policies. There is no better time than now to slip into a great lakes sweatshirt and go for a walk and just smell the fresh air.


The State of Michigan issued a Request-for-Information (RFI) for Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) projects on Monday, following the approval of a $14.7 billion Volkswagen settlement after the company falsified emissions tests for nearly half a million diesel vehicles in 2015.

$1.2 billion of the settlement funds have been set aside for investment in ZEV projects over the next ten years, with $300 million to be distributed to eligible projects every 30 months.

The RFI released by the State of Michigan, through the Michigan Agency for Energy (MAE), aims to gather information on eligible projects in order to submit a comprehensive proposal for ZEV Investment Plan funds. Continue Reading