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Some people say they love Michigan because it has some of the greatest weather in the country. But what is the Michigan weather really like. And more importantly, why do we love Michigan weather so much? Let’s take a closer look. What is Michigan Weather Like?

The weather in this state varies from season to season, but it also changes easily on a whim. Generally speaking though, the hottest months are June through August. It averages about 84°F during those months.

Michigan enjoys blue skies and sunshine during the summer. But the winter weather is just as gorgeous. It can range from rain, sleet, and snow on any given day—perfect for hot chocolate or coffee and sitting by the fireplace. The annual average snowfall is 41.1 inches or 102 centimetres.

What People Say About Michigan Weather

Michigan has a reputation for being just a bit unpredictable. But the reality is that the state’s weather actually falls on the more average side in terms of ‘unpredictability’. South Dakota gets the honor of having the most unpredictable weather.

Unpredictable or not, we love it anyway. In fact, many people seem to agree that Michigan weather is great.

“My husband and I lived near Midland in Michigan for a few years,” said Julie Gates, a florist who briefly worked in Michigan. Gates enjoyed the weather so much that she even shared her thoughts online. “The winter weather wasn’t that cold the years we were there. I grew up in states that were considerably colder than Michigan. Summers were mild compared to the hot and humid Southeast where I live now. The soil was great for growing anything. Yard work was actually enjoyable in Michigan.”

While Gates praised the Michigan winter season for being enjoyable, Laurie Iversen described how much she liked the summer time: “I had fun in that state because the summers were great, and life was good for me. Perhaps, I loved Michigan because of wonderful memories.”

She added: “I could easily live in Michigan, again. Every weekend, my husband and I went exploring. There is plenty to see and do. Mackinaw Island, the Upper Peninsula area, the Great Lakes, Saulte Ste. Marie, and the list goes on of places we visited.”

Winter in Michigan

Never too cold, but always bringing in the snow—Michigan’s winter season is perfect for that cross country skiing adventure. There are many destinations to choose from, whether you are a beginner or a professional; whether you’re going alone or with your family.

We recommend resorts like Boyne Highlands, Caberfae Peaks, Crystal Mountain, Hanson Hills, The Homestead, Shanty Creek, and the Vasa Trail.

Spring in Michigan

Michigan spring offers so many different activities for you to enjoy once the thermometer starts rising. The flowers bloom, the birds return, and everyone’s spirits are lifted. Enjoy Michigan’s spring time by going fishing, view some tulips, or visit the annual Maple Syrup Festival at Vermontville.

Summer in Michigan

Of course, when the heat really starts to come in, it’s time to enjoy some of Michigan’s top summer destinations. Visit the Upper Peninsula’s hidden waterfalls; enjoy some of the state’s rich history at Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum; visit Fishtown; take a brewery tour; kayak to Turnip Rock—and more!

The Best Season in Michigan: Autumn

Although this one is up for debate, autumn tends to take the top spot when it comes to the best Michigan season. It’s because of the lovely autumn colors that create a spectacular view in late September and October.

There are many reasons to love the fall season in Michigan. The cider mills, the fall foliage—and of course, the weather!

Here at LivnFresh, we love the Michigan weather as much as we love the rest of the state. Be sure to visit us at LivnFresh.com for some great Michigan-inspired apparel.