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The late summer season had abnormally torrential rain, which might have ruined some camping trips, but it’s been good news for the trees.

This year the abnormal rainfall will be delaying the full display of autumn colors, but this delay will come with the bonus that the healthier trees will be bringing out a more dazzling display.

So expect the autumn show to be a week or two later than normal for your part of the state, and when you’re out on the bike paths rolling through the tumbling leaves, rock the season like it’s your style with this Michigan Cruiser Bike shirt.


Fall color enthusiasts will have to wait a week or two longer for West Michigan’s chromatic show.

Storm Team 8 says this year’s fall colors are running one to two weeks behind schedule. The best colors will likely be inland, across the western Upper Peninsula. A recent satellite image shows yellow and orange foliage north of Sault Ste. Marie and across a large swath of northern Wisconsin and the U.P.

Dry Michigan summers usually lead to a short fall color display, but the unusually rainy August likely put local trees back on track for a good display. Continue Reading