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Because of the rain we’ve been seeing over the last couple months as well as the warmer-than-normal weather patterns we’ve had in Michigan, the fall colors are expected to be absolutely gorgeous this year. Come October, the colors will be best experienced starting up north around the 7th until the vibrant autumn makes its way south where it will end right at the end of the month.

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Fall colors are the next big thing for Michigan. Weather plays a big role in when the peak colors will blaze across Michigan.
Fall color is brought on by a combination of past weather, current weather, and shortening days.

Shortening days are a constant. We lose daylight at the same rate every year. Some trees are sensitive to daylight reduction, and will start to show some color regardless of weather.

Past weather, during this summer, will play a role in how healthy the leaves are and how long the trees hold the leaves. Continue Reading