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While Michigan features a plethora of jaw dropping natural wonders and popular landmarks, almost none of them even made a blip in the Instagram sharing sphere when compared to some rather ordinary locations.

Michigan’s most shared location was Michigan State University, which makes sense when you think about it. MSU has 47,000 students and all of them are around the peak age of the aps’ user base.

Following that, such wonderful sites as the Detroit Metro Airport and University of Michigan made it into the top 3.

While there certainly are some more scenic locations getting shots taken of them, there certainly is more room to strap into a performance sweatshirt and grab your Nikon to show Instagram what Michigan is really about.


Instagram, a mobile photo-sharing social media app, has about 500 million active users, sharing images of everything from iconic United States landmarks to morning bowls of soggy oatmeal.

With that in mind, USA TODAY writer Natalie DiBlasio sought to capture the Top 5 most Instagrammed places in each of the 50 states by looking at the highest number of geo-tagged locations.

While Michigan has many notable landmarks such as the Mackinac Bridge, Tahquamenon Falls, Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes and the Renaissance Center, none of those places made the Top 5. Continue Reading