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When is the 2017 MicroBrew Festival In TC?

  • Saturday, February 11, 2017
    • 3:00pm: Early Bird/Brew Guru gates open
    • 4:00pm: GA gates open
    • 9:30: Last call
    • 9:45pm: Taps off
    • 10:00pm: Closing

Where is the Micro Brew Fest Location?

  • Sara Hardy Farmer’s Market Parking Lots B & T at Grandview Parkway and Union Street
    TC, MI



Sara Hardy Farmer’s Market Parking Lots B & T at Grandview Parkway and Union Street
Traverse City, MI

Get Out And Do Something

Bored of the usual winter tradition? Have you watched everything on Netflix? Want to go somewhere that requires you change out of your pajamas? What if we told you we have the perfect suggestion for how you can enjoy the Winter season in TC?


What is there not to love when you spend your winter getaway up North in a beautiful setting, celebrating music and drinking crafted brews? So, where should you go? We’re talking about none other than Traverse City’s annual Microbrew & Music Festival!


Microbrew and Music Festival

For those who have never visited yet, big expectations about the famous Traverse City MicroBrew and Music Festival are welcome as it is a truly magnificent event. The festival is the center of a week-long series of craft beer events in Traverse City.

If you haven’t been there yet, it would be best if you have friends who know the place well for you to tour the whole town before the festival. If you are someone who loves the art of Michigan Beer, you would probably think that Traverse City is a bona fide paradise as every tourist would expect and prepare for something that the town has to offer in every visit you do.


Seven Monks Taproom

When you arrive there, we highly suggest you head directly to the great Seven Monks Taproom as they feature forty-six valves of different varieties of incredibly delicious craft beer. You need to try their Brewery Vivant and their Odd Side; both beers are from the west side of Michigan.


The Filling Station Microbrewery

Next stop would be The Filling Station Microbrewery. This brewpub is just actually new to the business of craft beer in the city of Traverse. But nevertheless, never underestimate The Filling Station as the place brags a cozy, free, and relaxing atmosphere and above all serves a good-tasting food.


Mackinaw Brewing Company

You should also try dropping by Mackinaw Brewing Company. This brewing company offers a happy hour for only two dollars. Although this brewpub offers tasty craft beer, you may try their Whitecap Ale which is usually in pair with a dip made up of baked whitefish.

The Microbrew Fest

After all the side trips, when you arrive at the venue itself for the Traverse City Microbrew and Music Festival, you would surely be amazed at how big the allotted space is for the festival and how long the line is at the entrance.

When you enter the gates, they will require you to wear the wristband you received via email. That is why you mustn’t ever forget it as it will serve as your ticket to the festival. They will never reissue another wristband on the day of the festival no matter what your reason is, be it an emergency or any other incident.

After you put the wristband, you will go to the next station to get some tickets for the drinks and a mini cup (just like the size of a cough-syrup sample). You will see that some of the visitors throw away the mini cup after that. You may now fall in line to another station where you can purchase a more satisfying glass or buy more drink tickets. Some of these bars might seem familiar from our, “5 Breweries in TC You Need To Visit” article.

Music Acts

Since it is a MicroBrew and music event, it would be impossible not to see some of Traverse City’s famous bands performing such as Billy Strings and those who loves Michigan rockabilly, Delilah DeWylde, and the Lost Boys.

Enjoy the Festival

Let me ask you one real question. Since the festival offers a lot of choices that may overwhelm you, which do you prefer? Try different beers as many as you can in just half-full glasses and wait for an extended period in the line or just enjoy to the fullest with not so many kinds of craft beers?

As much as you are excited to try all the beers that you love (may it be a different and expensive list of breweries), believe us, you can’t. Some of the visitors tried that, and they ended up not living the party to the fullest.

Another good thing about the festival is that it supports tons of local artists, small businesses, Michigan’s art and entertainment and even hotels and motels. This event is not only solely for visitors but to boost each industry in Michigan.


The Traverse City MicroBrew and Music Festival is a great event that would surely make your holidays a lot more fun and exhilarating. It is one fantastic festival that intends to unite every community bonded by good food, amazingly delicious craft beer, a good dose of music therapy and of course, fun for everyone.

Do you have any personal experience that you would like to share? Share it down in our comment box! As always this segment appeared in our “Things To Do in Michigan” and our Friday features. For more Michigan Love, check out Livnfresh.com