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As if there wasn’t proof enough with our lakes, beautiful scenery and great things to do that make this a great place to live, the minimum wage in Michigan is also higher than the federal minimum. While the minimum wage across the United States is set at $7.25, people who work in Michigan make at least 17 percent more per hour with ours set at $8.50.

While that might not really sound like a whole lot of money, the fact of the matter is that Michigan has one of the most reasonable costs of living compared to the rest of the country. Where we really set ourselves apart in this regard is that we also have one of the top-ten largest cities by population in the country with Detroit. And seeing as other population-toppers include the likes of the way-too-overpriced New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Chicago, we’re far ahead of the curve.

If you think about it, we really have the best of both worlds by living here in Michigan. Not only do we get the benefits of having a ton of outdoor areas and lakes to have adventures in, but we also have a major American city and all the benefits that affords.

Awesome, fun, beautiful and we get better pay than other states in the US? Nothing wrong with that.


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