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Minnesota is a Midwestern state that’s known for snowy landscapes, warm locals and pure fun. If you want solid proof of the “fun” part, all you have to do is head to one of the North Star State’s plentiful amazing bars. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Minneapolis, St. Paul or even Rochester. Minnesota is home to a wealth of incredible bar choices.

Marvel Bar

Located on North 2nd Avenue in the heart of Minneapolis, Marvel Bar is a tried and tested destination among the city’s most loyal bar-hoppers. It’s an initially unassuming place that serves whiskeys and cocktails that are exciting and cutting-edge. Marvel Bar’s decorations are quirky and memorable to the max, too.

Finest Bars in Minnesota

Living Room

Living Room is another Minneapolis draw that attracts a chic crowd. It has a modern ambiance that’s swank and serene. It’s not just a great place for relishing cocktails, either. It’s also a good place to grab a quick bite. Its choices in appetizers are abundant and mouthwatering.

Amsterdam Bar & Hall

If you want to get a European vibe in the American Midwest, you should head to St. Paul’s beloved Amsterdam Bar & Hall. This intimate music venue has a trendy atmosphere. It serves up the tastiest Dutch snacks around. It’s known for high quality beers straight from Belgium as well. People frequently visit Amsterdam Bar & Hall in order to enjoy its happy hour options.

Vieux Carré

People who visit Vieux Carré can feel like they’re in spirited New Orleans, Louisiana without having to leave St. Paul. The club boasts a historic vibe that’s tough to resist. People who want to relish the finest live music choices around regularly head to it. It’s a haven among jazz enthusiasts in the city and beyond. The destination has a reputation for incredible craft cocktails, delectable Creole culinary delights and friendly, attentive staff members.

Finest Bars in Minnesota

Glynner’s Pub

Glynner’s Pub makes a terrific spot for people who want to have laidback and understated evenings in Rochester. If you want to visit an unpretentious bar that has it all, you can’t go wrong at Glynner’s Pub. It makes a fantastic location for people who are in the mood to nosh on hearty hamburgers. It makes an equally fantastic location for folks who want to kick back with great beers and cocktails as well.

The 1029 Bar

The 1029 Bar is a popular place in Minneapolis. It’s a community bar that gives guests access to a broad range of top-notch cocktails. It gives them an abundance of choices in scrumptious seafood meals, too. If you want to have the time of your life, you can head to the 1029 Bar for an evening of karaoke, gregarious people and superb food overall.

Palmer’s Bar

Palmer’s Bar is a Minneapolis gem that has a nostalgic feel. People who want to take it easy next to cocktails and draft beer often can’t say no to it. It features excellent activities and live tunes as well.

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