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Welcome to Lansing. The Capital of Michigan. Lansing is a thriving town, with places and restaurants its people are proud to brag about. It is home to the Michigan State Spartans. And if I’m honest, I kind of like the MSU logo. Don’t tell my family.

If you plan to visit Lansing of these days, here are four of Lansing’s most visited restaurants with food to die for because of their unique flavor and atmosphere.

The Most Visited Restaurants In Lansing Michigan


  1. Golden Harvest Restaurant

Courtesty Golden Harvest's Facebook Page

Courtesty Golden Harvest’s Facebook Page

This restaurant has people waiting in long lines. Food is delicious, and they serve in generous portions that you can’t help but share.

Golden Harvest is not your usual restaurant. No, you are not going to get in a classy restaurant with classic music. It doesn’t look so inviting on the outside unless you’re curious enough to fall in line. The restaurant owner boasts about nothing but the food they serve and the people who go there agree.

The place has an odd and eclectic design which adds to the overall atmosphere they are trying to create. They have loud and funky music and excellent and energetic ambiance.

You might not want to come here alone, though. But if you feel like going out and being adventurous for one day, you can stop by, fall in line by 7 am and talk with strangers for an hour while waiting.

Since waiting in line is going to be long, if you are in your usual morning rush, then this isn’t the place to go. But it has more than 200 reviews on Trip Advisor and has a certificate of excellence label, and its food is definitely off the charts.

But just to set expectations right, waiting for the food you ordered may also take up to one hour. On a lighter note, it means you have an opportunity to talk and bond with friends and family.

The music is loud, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good conversation. However, it is not an ideal place for business-related conversations. But it provides you with an experience you can’t miss when in Lansing.

They have different sets of menu each week and has different specials for each day.

The place closes early at two o’clock in the afternoon, but since the line is long, you can expect them to cut at 12:30 pm, especially when there’s just too many for them to cater. Bring coffee or water to drink while waiting, wear something weather appropriate and most importantly, bring cash because they don’t accept anything else.


  1. Soup Spoon Cafe Restaurant


    Courtesy Soup Spoon’s Facebook Page

This restaurant boasts of its artisan food which looks as perfect and mystifying as Picasso’s paintings.

Just like any other Lansing fave, this restaurant also has people waiting in line for them during lunch and dinner rush hours. It is rated number one in TripAdvisor, with over 400 reviews. As the name itself suggests, they serve great soups and have different menus for each meal.

Remember, their menu for lunch isn’t going to be available for dinner so expect not to see your favorites if you visit on a different hour. They apply a particular technique or style for every meal, and that makes the restaurant stand out.

The place is our typical restaurant, doesn’t look so classic and you can call for a reservation in case you don’t want to wait during rush hours. They have friendly service, which is common in every review and their bartenders are ready to entertain your questions.

Most importantly, they serve locally sourced food, and that means the ingredients are fresh. They have a vegan menu for vegan customers. And it is surely a great place for night outs.

They have a small space, but it is not full all the time.


  1. Zaytoon Mediterranean Grill Restaurant

zaytoons restaurant lansing

via Zaytoons Facebook Page

Zaytoon is not the only restaurant in Lansing that serves Mediterranean dishes, but when you mean Mediterranean plus Lansing, then this is the place to go.

They won’t be number 4 in Trip Advisor for no reason, and they have the right to boast about it. Zaytoon has more than three hundred reviews, a certificate of excellence and a great crowd of loyal customers.

There are three things that you will love about Zaytoon. First their pleasant, friendly and efficient staff. Customer service is something they are expert with and that is what makes them stand out over any other restaurant in Lansing.

Second is their fantastic food and their fast service. Zaytoon has hearty servings that you can share. They have vegan options, and they serve one of the best Hummus there is in town.

Lastly, is the incredible price, clean area, and sophisticated decor and atmosphere. You will get the value you expect for your money, and they keep the place clean and shiny. Zaytoon also has this sophisticated modern design that is something you’d want for your house.

The only caveat though is their cafeteria style of service. You will have to fall in line, order, pay for your food, and bring it to your table. Nonetheless, you can still get a seat and table right away.

  1. Lansing Brewing Company

    Lansing Brewing Co

    Courtesy Lansing Brewing Facebook Page

If you are looking for great craft beer, then this is the one thing you should look for on the list. If you follow our blog, you will notice that Lansing Brewing Company appeared on our list of The 5 Best Lansing Breweries. So yeah, we like it!

LBC offers a variety of great-tasting beer. Angry Mayor is their best seller with hops that make it top of the line.

They have a great menu, large portions of servings, with quality ingredients and beautiful plating. If you are looking for meat, divine meat, and more meat, they have it.

They serve the food hot, and the Cuban sandwich is something you can look forward to when you go there for a meal.

They are at the heart of the ballpark areas, a central location, accessible to anyone after games. Because of that, they have a spacious parking area.

The place is something that makes it stand out. The place has a somewhat industrial feel, but it has a spacious seating with a laid back outdoor setting, a fireplace, and most importantly their corn hole for games. It is perfect for groups, and they have a great space for parties.

The corn hole is an answer to boredom while waiting for a ready table. But LBC also has a live music stage band you can dance to and sing along with while drinking your beer. Just don’t expect the place to be excellent for business-related meetups because it can get pretty loud in there.

They have a kids menu, and the kids’ noise isn’t going to embarrass you because LBC’s noise is going to drown theirs. They have giant TV screens all over the place so you can watch games while eating.

LBC is a great place with fantastic drinks (beer, wine, and spirits) and fabulous food.

Lansing is a product of constant efforts by its people and government. It offers great places, food, culture, and an enjoyable environment. The restaurants above are only just a few of the much incredible it has. It is too bad that Lansing doesn’t have a better sports team to root for….


Just kidding! Or am I?

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