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How Oberon became one of Michigan's Favorite Beers

The “Michigan” Rush

You don’t need to live in Michigan to figure out why there has been a sudden rush to this state. Yet, we who have made Michigan our home still find our state is an endless vista of interesting neighbors, friends, vacation spots, food, drink and Michigan traditions.

Making Memories Michigan Style

Although we love our winters, it’s the gentle warmth of summer we look forward to our many outdoor activities.

One Michigan tradition is an icy cold Oberon beer to quench our thirst. It’s no surprise our homegrown, excellent quality wheat is one of the ingredients in our Oberon wheat fermented ale and beer.

To understand how significant Michigan wheat is to Oberon beer and ale, it’s important to know Michigan wheat farmers plant a total of 500,000 acres of red and white winter wheat each year. This produces a crop of 40 million bushels on average.

The Oberon Brewery has perfected their fermentation technique to create state-of-the-art beer color and aroma. The brewing masters at Oberon Brewery created a signature yeast that makes Oberon beer and ale one of our finest.

The Beer Connoisseur reviewed Oberon beer and rated it 93. Oberon beer has a delicate balance between yeast, hops, and malt that results in a straw colored brew with a creamy head. The other characteristics that make this Michigan’s finest beer include:
. Mild perfume
. Spicy aroma and flavor with a clove nuance
. Wheat tartness
. Orange zest, a hint of vanilla and refreshing bready notes
Ref: https://beerconnoisseur.com/beer/bells-brewery/oberon-ale#sharedabeer

How Oberon became one of Michigan's Favorite Beers


The Best Way to Quench Our Thirst

After a day in the Michigan summer sun, a parched throat is always quenched by our famous Oberon beer.

When employees of Livnfresh get together for after work activities at a Michigan pub, a round of Oberon is always part of socializing.

Michigan People Work Hard, Play Hard and Drink Oberon BeerLike many Michigan companies, the Livnfresh company feels an obligation to its staff to encourage healthy, fun activities after a busy week at work.

All work and no play, as the saying goes, makes Livnfresh staffers a tad antsy to be in the fresh air and bright sunshine when temperatures range between 68.5 and 72 degrees. This is perfect weather for a picnic, bicycling or hiking, but only if Oberon beer is kept icy cold and waiting.

When the sun goes down, so do temperatures in Michigan summers. That’s when we head indoors to watch our favorite sports teams while we enjoy Oberon beer sold in cans and bottles. We keep a supply in the refrigerator especially when the weather is hot.

Take a Tour of the Brewery

Like Michigan’s numerous wineries, the brewery where Oberon beer is made offers tours to the public. This can be a fun day and there is no better way to treat yourself to a sample of Oberon than a tour of the place where it is made.

Between the famous brew, the variety of characteristics and special fermentation, Oberon is, without doubt, one of Michigan’s favorite beers.