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We took off for an overnight trip to see a few of the larger more spectacular waterfalls of the Upper Peninsula in Michigan. One of the first stops we made on our way up was an old fashion drive-up dinner (which I honestly didn’t were still around). When we pulled up it was a little confusing, much like attempting to remember how to use an old rotary pay phone. The awkwardness of do I get out and go up to the counter or wait for this caffeine buzzed teenager to scurry over to take our order made the visit seem a little surreal at first. Ultimately, it was a cool experience. The food came out with a window tray and we were able to steal a couple of moments that had almost been forgotten with time.

A Sunset to Behold

Our journey took us to the edge of Lake Superior just outside of Marquette. There are tons of scenic turn offs but since the sun was just about to set we looked for an abandoned beach with hopes of catching some magnificent sunset colors. Sunset glowed in an incredible fashion as it reflected off Lake Superior. Several lonely pieces of driftwood allowed us to get some great set photos.

Michigan Waterfalls

We got up the next morning with high hopes and lots of energy. First stop, Canyon Falls. We were not disappointed. The short 10 minute walk to the deafening echoes of the falls from the canyon walls is well worth the trip. We spent the next ½ hour exploring the rest of the canyon. There were some hair raising drops and great views that allowed us to feel the awe of just how incredible the Upper Peninsula of Michigan really is. All in all we hiked about 2 miles and it was relatively leisurely.

We had planned to stop at Miner Falls and Munising Falls but decided to head straight to Sable Falls. The water was high and while the view was great the adventure was worth the stair climb. We made it down to one of the first side paths along the river and built a few stone towers. We then continued to adventure to the beach front. This is a Rock Collectors dream. The beach was alive with magnificent colors and all sorts of different type of rocks. We even found some petrified wood, which was  a unique find.

We made our way to Tahquamenon Falls. This engineering marvel shows how powerful a force water is. The water is a orangy brown from the amount of mineral deposit found throughout the Upper Michigan. The lower falls is where you will want to take a few moments to allow you to just take in all the sites. The stopping points allow for some incredible nature shots and if you have the time to sneak across to the island you will have an up close and personal experience with the mighty Tahquamenon Falls.

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