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Wyoming is a city in Kent Count Michigan with a total population of 72, 125 based on the 2010 census. The city ranks are the 3rd largest community in West Michigan and the 14th largest in the entire state. It has the biggest suburb in Grand Rapids.  Several major establishments made the city as their home like Gordon Foods. Developments continue to prosper as Metro Hospital move into the area and attracting more investors.

Its history

WyomingIn 1832 migrants settled in Wyoming which formed the Byron Township. But several years later it split into two calling the other half as Wyoming Township. The town’s name came from Wyoming County, New York which majority of the residents migrated during the first 16 years.  After diplomatic talks about surrounding annexation, water, and sewage issue, it becomes a city in 1959. The population grew even more after the world wars.

Today, Wyoming is a thriving community filled with different beautiful parks most suitable for families with smaller children.

Craig’s Cruisers Family Fun Center

Most locals spend their family time in Craig’s Cruisers Family Fun Center. There are different ways to bond with kids, there’s a miniature golf, go-karts, and a large collection of video game arcade. Don’t worry if those activities drain you out.  The place is also known for its pizza and pasta buffet to get energy pumping again.

Frog Hollow

Frog Hollow is one of the few places in Wyoming that added safety features on their grounds. They updated the grounds with a nice padding around the play structure. The fenced park is great for families with smaller children. Bring a lot of snacks and drinks as there are plenty of picnic tables for everyone. Bathrooms are really nice and convenient for the kids. Spend some the whole day under a shade watching little ones develop their social and motor skills. There’s not much traffic in the area since it’s a dead end.

Millennium Park

Situated in the southwest area of Grand Rapids, Millennium Park is the largest park in West Michigan. It stretches into four major cities in Michigan namely, Grand Rapids, Wyoming, Grandville, and Walker. The possibilities seem endless in Millennium Park, you can jog, walk, hike, and bring your pets. There’s a fishing area where you can teach your little ones some tips about reeling in the biggest catch. Nice place to bring your kids to their splash pad or let them play on the beach. Parking slot will not be a problem even in busiest days.

Arktos Meadery

Couples looking for a new place to spend some time together, try Arktos Meadery. A rather small medieval themed tavern, it offers best selections of meads. Their brews are quite unique and surprisingly good. The ambiance is really warm and the staffs are always friendly. The owner will even assist you on your selection and his passion for the art of brewery shows on his meads.  

Lamar Park

When you see Lamar Park has opened, don’t let the opportunity pass. Even though it’s a seasonal park, it has one of the best facilities ranging from climbing wall, sports fields, fishing and a walking trail. It also has Frisbee golf course, soccer fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, a volleyball area, and several baseball fields. It’s also a great place to bring your dogs for a walk, the trail has free poo-bags.  Summers are the best time to go to Lamar Park; they have concerts, food festivals, and travelling carnivals.

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