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The state of Colorado has some the best sandwhich shops around. Any of these locations could rival Quiznos and Subway while coming out on top. If you were looking to get your hands on some of these delicious sandwiches, you will not be disappointed with plenty of the local eateries that make themselves available to you.

Snarf’s Sandwiches

If you are heading to the beautiful mountain town of Golden Colorado, Snarf’s Sandwiches is one of Colorado’s best sandwhich shops in that area. They have specialty sandwiches that are 5, 9, and 12 inches. Ham with American Cheese, Turkey with Swiss Cheese, Smoked Brisket, Meatball Parmesan, Roast Beef, and New York Steak are just some of the delicatessens on the menu. For kids, there is Grilled Cheese and a Peanut Butter Banana and Honey sandwich. Gluten-free and Vegan po boys are also available as well.

Sandwich Shops in Colorado

South Jersey Subs

Another one of the best Sandwhich Shops in Colorado is South Jersey Subs. This establishment is located in Colorado Springs. The length of the subs are 8, and 12 inches. Capacolla, chicken, ham, turkey, roast beef, salami, and tuna all come with provolone. Sausage, pepper, and steak all comes with eggs on those sandwiches. Of all the sandwhich shops around, this offers some very unique combinations. You can even get a bacon and bbq cheesesteak sandwich. Vegetarians are not left out, there subs for them in the shop as well.

Organic Sandwich Company

If you are looking for a any of the sandwhich shops to offer a more organic sub, look no further than the Organic Sandwich Company in Boulder. This place offers itself to be one of Colorado best sandwhich shops in all the state. Carnivores, kids, vegetarians, and vegans all can come and find sandwhiches, soup, and salads to their liking. You can get a turkey sub that comes with cranberry, Brie, bacon jam, and smoked Gouda. Grass-fed roasted beef, ham and cheese, Proscuitto Caprese, Sopresata and cheese, along with a grilled turkey Reuben make up a delicious menu of for the meat eaters. Vegans can enjoy a chickpea and avocado sub, vegetarians chow down on a spicy veggie, caprese, or beetnik sub.

Sweetie’s Sandwich Shop

Sweetie’s Sandwich Shop in Salido has a very extensive menu. When looking for one of the best sandwhich shops in Colorado, this is where you come. Are you wanting a cold sub? They consist of turkey Havarti avocado, tuna or chicken salad Sammie, along with the roast beef and Swiss cheese. Some of their cold subs have signature names like big pig, the Vito, river rafter wrap, the Windy City, the hipster, mountain club and the med. Do you want to eat a hot sub? Well, there is Rocky Balboa, the Aphrodite, lone star, hillbilly, red-headed Reuben, and little red hen.

As you can see, Colorado best sandwhich shops are everywhere in the state. You don’t have to settle for commercialized chains to get a good sub. The small places are really good too. Stop in and definitely give them a try.

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