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Sandwiches…. Probably the most well-known, popular, and widely-eaten go-to lunch for many— especially those who are in a rush. Sandwiches are unquestionably humankind’s crowning culinary creation, with the given ability to transcend cultural differences. With basic ingredients, such as bread, meats, vegetables piled up on top of each other, cheeses, and spreads, many are able to sandwiches. However, who would have thought that such a simple meal could have so many variations? If you are a big fan of sandwiches or if you are ready to taste amazing ones instead of the boring and plain ones, then the state of Colorado may be a place you’d want to visit.

  1. City & Country Deli & Sausage

With its charmingly old-fashioned storefront, City & Country Deli & Sausage in Denver offers homemade salami, pickles & condiments, and most importantly, delicious take-out sandwiches. If your taste buds are craving an old-school deli sandwich, then this place is the way to go, with its wide variety of sandwiches— the roster of sandwiches stuffed with pastrami, roast turkey or egg salad, and corned beef are just some of the sandwiches they offer.

Address: 2393 S Downing St, Denver, CO 80210, USA

Phone: +1 720-216-0573

  1. Backcountry Delicatessen

Opened in 1999 by two fun-loving and dedicated guys, Backcountry Delicatessen offers food that is nutritious, natural, and great-tasting that can fuel your lifestyle. With their business expanding, Backcountry Deli has expanded to the four vibrant and active communities of Fort Collins, Steamboat Springs, and Denver. In every Backcountry Deli you visit, you are greeted with delicious and nutritious sandwiches.

Address: 635 Lincoln Ave, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487, USA

Phone: +1 970-879-3617

Address: 1617 Wazee St, Denver, CO 80202, USA

Phone: +1 303-534-7900

(Plus other ones)

Address: 140 N College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524, USA

Phone: +1 970-482-6913

  1. Curtis Park Delicatessen

Every day, Curtis Park Delicatessen bread is delivered by City Bakery every morning ready to be stacked and wrapped with just baked ciabatta, clean meats, and crisp, seasonal vegetables. With fresh and nutritious ingredients, Curtis Park Delicatessen offers loving touches, such as house-made cheeses and aiolis, classic deli sandwiches are definitely the selling point of Curtis Park Deli— you are guaranteed fresh, preservative-free, and canned-free sandwiches. They are also vegetarian-friendly; their meatless masterpieces which are able to satisfy each and everyone’s sandwich cravings. Moreover, Curtis Park Deli also prides themselves on having great customer service as well as quality products that enhance their customer’s lunchtime experience.

Address: 2532 Champa St, Denver, CO 80205, USA

Phone: +1 303-308-5973

  1. Snarf’s Sandwiches

In the year of 1996, “Snarf” Jimmy Seidel gave up on looking for the world’s finest and greatest sandwich and he decided to invent his own one instead. Therefore, he opened his first Snarf’s in Boulder, Colorado and decided to name his invention, “The Shack”. After 22 years, his invention has become widely known as well as widely-eaten by many individuals coming from all sorts of places in the world. With more than 20 restaurants in the states of Colorado, Chicago, and Texas, Snarf’s offers award-winning sandwiches that are made with the finest ingredients, including premium cheeses and meats, crispy vegetables, their own blend of Giardiniera peppers, as well as homemade, oven-toasted breads which are available in white, gluten-free, or wheat. Moreover, they also offer fresh salads, vegetarian options, and homemade dressings, soups, desserts, and a full catering menu.

Address: 2128 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302, USA (Original Place)

Phone: +1 303-444-7766

(Plus many more locations in Denver, Boulder, and Longmont in Colorado)

  1. Bob’s Diner

Want to experience the best sandwich in Louisville? Then eating at Bob’s Diner should be a priority. Located in the small area of downtown Louisville, Colorado, this diner is able to satisfy each and everyone’s sandwich cravings and appetites. Even after changing their names from “Bob’s Sandwich Shop” to “Bob’s Diner” due to an expanded menu, Bob’s still priding themselves for making the best and mouth-watering sandwiches in the area. In addition to their sandwiches, they also offer many amazing burgers, salads, wraps, paninis, pancakes, and so much more. Therefore, if you ever get bored of sandwiches— which is impossible—, you are still left with much more variety of options to choose from.

Address: 820 Main St #100, Louisville, CO 80027, USA

Phone: +1 303-665-1056

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