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Back to school means a fresh start, brand new school supplies, and fabulous fall fashions. While it may be hard to put the beach days, flip-flops, and shorts behind you, fall of 2019 has many fabulous fashion trends to keep you looking cool for the cooler weather and help you make stunning first impressions when you meet new people. These new fashion trends include fun colors, patterns, accessories, and so much more.

Leopard and Leather Combo

Leopard and leather are going together like the peanut butter and jelly in your lunch box this fall. Leopard makes a bold statement and when paired with a leather jacket and leather boots, you are showing the rest of the school that you are as fierce as a leopard from the wild and a biker girl of the night. The black in the leopard design and black leather make this combination work so well together.


Tie-dye does not end when the nights on the boardwalk are over. Tie-dye is a timeless fashion trend. You can wear a tie-dyed with a skirt if you are dressing up for the day, a pair of jeans if you are being casual for the day, or even a pair of sweatpants to be extra comfortable for the day. The beautiful array of colors makes for a great look no matter what you wear it with.

Maxi Dress and a Cropped Jacket

Long with short is what this look is all about. A maxi dress is a comfortable, but a stylish option. Adding a cropped jacket will help you stay warm as the cooler months look in and keep you in-check with the school’s dress code while keeping you still looking fabulous.

Bold Animal Print

Leopard is not the only animal print that is in-style this season. All animal prints, especially bold ones, are in-style for the season. These animal prints can be worn on shirts, skirts, sweaters, pants, etc. to make you look fierce.

Layered Florals

Florals are not just restricted to the springtime or Hawaiian-themed parties by the pool. They can make their way into the classroom to add colorful, eye-popping look. The best way to wear florals this year is to layer your floral sundress over a tank top to follow the three-finger rule while feeling and looking great.


Pull-overs are a simple way to stay warm all throughout the day. You simply pull them over your head and are done with them for the rest of the day.


Leggings are a comfy fall trend that can be paired with outfits in a variety of ways. They can be worn simply as pants, to keep your legs warm under a skirt or dress, or add a chic look with a long shirt. Black leggings are standard, but fun colors and wild patterns make leggings even more stylish.


You can never go wrong with an old-fashioned t-shirt because they are comfortable, can be worn with almost anything, and can help you express yourself. Plain t-shirts can be work with a skirt or pants that have a fancy print. T-shirts with quotes can express your personality, and T-shirts with logos or graphics can express your likes and interests.

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