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There are a thousand ways to spend time while in Michigan. To make the most out of your precious time in Traverse City, here are the famous tourist spots in the area.

  1.    Grand Traverse Bay

Grand Traverse Bay (West Bay And East Bay) stretches 32 miles long, 10 miles wide and 620 feet deep. Be sure to check out these other little inlets as well-

  • Northport Bay
  • Suttons Bay
  • Omena Bay
  • Bowers Harbor
  • Old Mission Bay

 Aside from cruising along the bay’s beautiful beaches, Grand Traverse Bay is also known as a boating and fishing destinations.


  1.    Sleeping Bear Dunes


Sleeping Bear Dunes boasts 64-miles of beaches, islands, coves and dunes. A number of dunes peaked as high as 400 feet tall. You can enjoy the view from overlooking spots in the famous Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive. But if you want to get a closer look, it is always best to walk on its beaches or hike on its several trails.



  1.    The Grand Traverse Commons


A formal mental facility, the Grand Traverse Commons a distinct architectural landmark in TC. The castle-like buildings are now a great place to shop. You can walk in its antique sidewalks now filled with galleries, offices, and restaurants. What most people do not know is the sub layers beneath the shops. Also the amazing hiking in the hills that lie just above the commons. This is the perfect place to run, bike or just walk leisurely while enjoying the 480-acre forested campus.


  1.    Chateau Grand Traverse  

 To thrill your taste buds, Traverse City boasts amazing wineries scattered around the area. But the Chateau Grand Traverse stands out from the rest. Located on Old Mission Peninsula, the winery is famous for their first large-scale planting of Vitis vinifera in Michigan. Edward O’Keefe Jr. founded the Chateau Grand Traverse.

 You can have a taste of their 1987 vintage Johannisberg Riesling ice wine that was served in George H.W. Bush inauguration.


  1.    Slabtown

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Slabtown is known for the preserved exterior homes from the Bohemian immigrants that came during the 19th century.  They came to Traverse City to work in the waterfront sawmills. The Bohemians people built their houses with scraps from the slabs of lumber millers, thus the name “Slabtown.” Let’s not forget the great burger place known as “Slabtown”. This place has amazing burgers!


  1.    Grand Traverse Lighthouse Museum

 If you want more than the average tourist experience, you might want to visit the Grand Traverse Lighthouse Museum.  It is the oldest lighthouse built on the Great Lakes. The Grand Traverse Lighthouse Museum was built over 150 years ago and still in service until today. You can also visit other lighthouses within the area, these include:


  • Mission Point Light
  • Little Traverse Light
  • South Fox Island Light


  1.    Beaches, and lots of it!

 The best part of Traverse City is the beaches. You cannot simply leave the city without a trip to Clinch Park, West End, Traverse City State Park, Bryant Park, Power Island and North Bar Lake. You can also check my other article for the best beach in Traverse City.

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