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Another great city not to miss in Michigan is Charlevoix. This beautiful city is surrounded by water which makes it even more popular to many outdoor recreational activities for families. Families and young couples love to retreat to the beaches in Charlevoix especially in Ferry Beach, Michigan Beach, Mt. McSauba, Rex Beach, Depot Beach, and Fisherman’s Island State Park. While many would love to enjoy a full day basking under the sun, these beaches offer unique feature and activity for everyone.

Take your kids to a week-long sailing class in Lake Charlevoix Mariners to learn the essential skills of being a true Michigan boater. You can also catch Sunshine Charters catamaran to sail through the beautiful waters of Lake Charlevoix and Lake Michigan. But the most popular of all is finding the precious Petoskey Stones along the shorelines of Lake Michigan.

City Charlevoix michigan

But if the Up North weather doesn’t agree with your itinerary of the fun outdoors, you can also head on to Charlevoix Community Pool and enjoy a quick dip in its indoor pool. Don’t miss out exploring the Charlevoix’s marina and their ever-popular interactive water fountain that little kids love.

If you need a startup list of your itinerary in Charlevoix, here are some of the best places to start your journey.

Charlevoix Public Library

Charlevoix Public Library is not your ordinary public library, it’s known for its comfy and well-designed interior which entices everyone to grab a chair and read some good old books. They have an extensive online catalog and interlibrary loaning of books and other kinds of media. They have beautiful buildings and lots of fun activities all year long. Bring your toddlers on their story time activity and read together to develop their creativity and imagination.

Charlevoix Historical Society Depot Museum

One of the best ways to enjoy the day in Charlevoix is spending it at the Charlevoix Historical Society Depot Museum. The museums offer great history narration with rotating exhibits about the important businesses, places, and people that put Charlevoix on the map. There are many fascinating facts about the place which can only be learned at this depot museum. Since they offer limited hours and tours, its best to call ahead of time prior to coming. They even offer programs and book private events for those who really love their history.

Castle Farms

This is a great destination for a quick stop for that much-awaited family picture. There’s a great history to learn in this place as well. But Castle Farms is best known for its wonderful events, picturesque scenery, and well-maintained grounds. If you want a private event coming, this is a perfect place to celebrate it. Their staffs are well educated on how the event should run, and they even assist you with whatever you needed for your event. Castle Farm is a dream place for most people and coming here for that photo op will definitely make a statement.

North Point Nature Preserve

North Point Nature Preserve houses a different variety of animal and plant species. With about 27 acres of protected land, it’s sure to bring out the nature lover in you. Many visitors love how the nature preserve encompasses different ecosystems and habitats. Located on the coasts of Lake Michigan, it has many great lake views, wooded trails that are only a short hike away. The place is perfect for families and young couples who really love to see Mother Nature at its finest. They even have paths to take your dog with your and hiking trails to test your endurance limit. Trails from North Point Nature Preserve continue through Mount McSauba Recreation Area, which is another great destination for nature lovers.

Farmer’s Market

Whatever you do, don’t leave the Charlevoix without going to their Farmer’s Market. Located right Downtown Charlevoix it has a very breathtaking setting that overlooks Round Lake at East Park. Kids will love some of their featured activities while you enjoy their many varieties of wine tasting vendors. Charlevoix Farmer’s Market happens every Thursday and has a wide array of locally grown fruits and vegetables. They even set new theme every week just to bring out their most lovable and adorable charm. It’s the best place to buy sundried fruits, different products, and baked goods.

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