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Although Wisconsin might be known primarily around the United States as “America’s Dairyland” thanks to the state’s (obviously) amazing cheeses, that’s not the only great food that you will find there. Wisconsin has its fair share of great restaurants and cuisines, including all kinds of international fare, but that’s not necessarily what you are going to go to Wisconsin for. The best meals you’re going to find there are those with deep roots in the United States.

While pretty much every American dish can be traced back to another nation at some point in history, that doesn’t mean we haven’t made certain foods ours after decades of experimenting and perfecting those flavors. The best example of this is what is probably one of maybe four main dishes that are more American than apple pie (albeit apple pie isn’t one of those four since it’s not a “main” dish) – Hamburgers.

There are a number of reasons that burgers in Wisconsin shine and are on par with the best in the country. First, being in the midwest means having direct access to some incredible farms, which means tasty, crisp veggies for topping burgers and some of the best beef either side of the Mississippi. Combine all that with some of the aforementioned cheeses and you have the ingredients for burgers that are downright hard to beat (or pass up). Because of that, Wisconsin has some absolutely amazing burger joints to choose from, so we’re sure our picks are going to be contentious. Still, if you’re visiting WI or you wear a Wisconsin Native Hoodie, you should check these places out:

Mazos – Milwaukee

So here’s the thing – you will come to Mazos for the burgers, but what will keep you coming back to Mazos time and again is… well… their burgers. We recommend skipping the fries and getting their baked beans as a side at least once, though. You won’t regret it.


Solly’s Grille – Milwaukee

Best known for buttering their burgers, Solly’s isn’t going to win any health awards anytime soon. However, for those who are open to the idea, the butter burgers at Solly’s Grille are famous around the country for their unbeatable flavor. 

If you’d like to try one yourself without going all the way to Wisconsin, check out this video guide: 

Wedl’s Hamburger Stand – Jefferson

At Wedl’s Hamburger Stand, it can be a little difficult pointing at one specific thing that defines what makes their burgers so good because they get almost everything right. The burgers there are phenomenal. Period. Though, if you wanted to find something that makes the restaurant stand out above the rest, they also have a killer selection of malts and ice creams, making this place a real treat to chow down at.