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Michigan in Spring Bloom

Spring break in Michigan can either be absolutely beautiful or it can be a cold wet mess! Mother Nature has shown us both ways and we can never tell which one we will get until its here!

With what ever the weather brings if you’re planning on spending your spring break in Michigan heres some great things t0 check out.

Maple Syrup season is upon us already and there are dozen of places to go check out how its made! Maple Syrup is said to be worth its weight in gold because it takes about 40 galloon oof sap to make one gallon of syrup.

Theres still plenty of snow atop most of the slopes across Michigan and if the weather permits yo can even ski in just a cozy sweatshirt. Ski season can reach all the way into April if the nights stay cold!

With plenty of indoor water parks in Michigan you can experience the Tropical feel with out waiting in line at a large park! Not to mention those wave makers are a blast!

Baseball season is a huge part of spring and checking out the spring training camps can be just as exciting as the real deal. Some local teams are even starting some of their pre-season games. Nothing says spring like peanuts and cracker jacks and playing ball.

No matter what you choose to do Michigan is the most beautiful place to stay and to play. Get out, be active, and enjoy this beautiful country.