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State pride is not about being better than any other place (but come on Michigan IS the best state). It’s all about being proud of where you are from. Livnfresh believes that state pride is not a competition, but rather an expression of how much you love your state.

In our case, we express our LOVE for Michigan through state pride apparel. We create high-quality clothing inspired by the beauty of the Mitten state.

Michiganders love Livnfresh apparel because it lets them express their own state pride. You can relive your favorite memories as a child, or of raising your own children, just by donning a hoodie that jettisons you back to that particular moment in time. But our Michigan gear is for everyone—not just for people born in Michigan and those who live here. You can come from any part of the globe and enjoy our designs. Memories that last a lifetime, are made right here in Michigan.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for us to see people who live in Ohio wearing “Lake Life” shirts that are Michigan-inspired. State pride apparel can be for anyone, from anywhere.

Here at Livnfresh, we are inspired to create even better designs, especially when we see people wearing our gear and proudly showcasing their love for Michigan. We love seeing people who visited Northern Michigan as children; growing up and wearing our Michigan-inspired gear. From the original Michigan D’ clothing to “I’m a Lake Girl” apparel.

Our creations come from a place of love and admiration for our home state. It’s no surprise that Michigan means a lot to us here at Livnfresh. We love boating and swimming with the entire family. These bonding experiences in the water inspire many of our designs, including the “Lake Girl” line.

Being from Gaylord, we know that there are so many amazing things to do here. We love biking, hiking, hunting, camping, and all the water sport activities.

At the same time, we love to design and build things. This is why we want to use our creative energy to take state pride wear to the next level. This love for our state has led to some top gear apparel that is both unique and artistic. Our love of everything Michigan and the outdoorsy lifestyle that comes with it are the inspiration for so many of our wonderful designs.

This is what state pride is for us: the ability to take what you love and transform it into something that moves and inspires other people. We see the beauty of Michigan every single day, and we use that to fuel our passion and keep on creating state pride apparel that can be enjoyed by everyone—no matter where they are from.

Our goal is to make a super fun and comfortable clothes that you can feel good about wearing. Anyone can slap a logo of the state of Michigan and say they are “pro-Michigan”. However, we are Michigan made.

We have been screen printing shirts for over 25 years in beautiful Northern Michigan, and we have expanded to other types of state pride apparel such as hoodies and hats. This is our way of saying that “Michigan isn’t just a state it’s a lifestyle”.

Visit Livnfresh.com and see some of the finest Michigan apparel Livnfresh has to offer. Experience state pride yourself even if you are not from Michigan. We welcome everyone.