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As far as Skiing is concerned, Michigan is only second to New York for quantity of resorts and visitors dedicated to the sport. Sugar Loaf is an old location which held significant popularity until 2000 where it was shut down.

The good news is here though as a new investor is currently rebuilding the resort with the intent of having brand new doors open on the mountain within the next 4 years.


So get ready to slip into your fleece hoodies and get hyped for skiing with a sweet view of the great lakes.


Alan Fooy remembers when he was a single college student in the 1980s jamming ski gear with a friend into a VW Karmann Ghia with no heat and heading Up North to hit the slopes at the now-long-dormant Sugar Loaf ski resort near Traverse City.

“One of the reasons we stopped there was we were coming from southwest Michigan and we were too impatient to go all the way to Boyne,” Fooy, 53, now of Ferndale, recalled. “I loved the views — both from the car and on the hill. Now, I’d take my family back.”

He just might be able to, if Jeff Katofsky has his way. Continue Reading