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It’s fall, and it’s the most wonderful time of the year – FOOTBALL SEASON! Football season means so many things to fans – College Gameday, food and fun, and most of all, tailgating! For those who are Wolverine fans, tailgating is a part of home game day traditions. So, just where is the best place to tailgate if you’re watching the University of Michigan team play? You might be surprised at the multiple places available for fun tailgating on game day.

First, the University of Michigan is located in beautiful Ann Arbor, Michigan. Ann Arbor is a city that has a lot to offer visitors in general, but on game day, the city is alive with lots to do prior to Wolverine games!

Of course, most people want to tailgate at the “Big House,” and this is always a prime spot for food and fun before the big game. In fact, the most coveted tailgate area is the University of Michigan Golf Course, which is located directly across from the stadium.

You might be surprised to find that there are RV parks dedicated to tailgating on game days! In fact, there are facilities that will assist you in setting up your RV; all you’d need to do is park your recreational vehicle and the tailgating companies do the rest!

There are also a number of places to tailgate on campus – or at least to visit as you tailgate pre-game.

About an hour and thirty minutes prior to game time, the University of Michigan Wolverine Drum Line puts on a “Step Show.” All you need to do is tailgate near Revelli Hall to hear the powerful drumline as they get the crowd pumped.

The drumline will make its way to the intersection of Hoover and Greene Street, where they join the rest of the Marching Band. The entire band will then make a march toward the stadium, playing “The Victors” as they go. That’s one part of the tailgate experience that’s sure to get you fired up for a Wolverine victory!

Located at Hill Street and Fifth Avenue is the Fingerle Lumber Company parking lot. Here, at Ebel Field, “The Bus” picks up anyone who is at the spot at the right time. Of course, business school students typically ride the bus to a breakfast date at Angelo’s. However, for just five dollars, you can join the party, then ride The Bus to the stadium.

Across from Pioneer High School (Ann Arbor’s largest school; the parking lot is adjacent to the UM Golf Course where many already tailgate), at the southwest corner of the Big House and Main Street is a tailgate area known as the “Wolverine Warriors” area. Just about anyone can join in the tailgating here! In fact, the Warriors encourage guests to join them – as long as they are wearing the maize and blue!

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