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Tesla Motors has been pushing hard to get a foothold in Michigan and the motor city. With around 260 galleries and retailers around the United States, Tesla definitely has become a major player in the auto industry.

However, due to Michigan laws the company has been forbidden from selling within the state, their galleries are entirely for show and pressuring local legislators to let them into the market.

With that said, Detroit could do to have more auto competition in the city to boost the economy, and with Michigan’s growing environmental focus, Tesla is the perfect company to bring in.


Tesla Motors has opened a small gallery inside the Nordstrom store at Somerset Collection in Troy.

The automaker appears to be abiding by a Michigan law that restricts sales of vehicles to franchised dealers.

The gallery, the first Tesla location in Michigan, opened Thursday and covers about 700 square feet on the first floor of the store near the entrance nearest Big Beaver Road. There is one vehicle, a Model X, on display and a separate exhibit featuring the car’s interior.

There are one or two people staffing the area to answer questions, but there are signs stating that the Model X is not for sale. One sign informs potential customers that they can learn more by contacting a Tesla retail store in Lyndhurst, Ohio, near Cleveland. Continue Reading