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Hosting the big Thanksgiving dinner for the whole family can be challenging—and we’re not just talking about the many meals you have to prepare. For many people, Thanksgiving isn’t complete without a crowd of family and friends. If you have guests coming over for the holiday, you need to make sure everyone can fit in the house comfortably!

Lucky for you, the experts at LivnFresh have prepared a simple guide on how to maximize your house space for Thanksgiving dinner.

Here, we’re focusing on maximizing your house space no matter how small your place may be. With some smart planning and creative solutions, you can host a memorable dinner no matter how much space you have.

Plan Accordingly

If you are working with a smaller space, you need to embrace it and just plan accordingly. Do not pine for space you don’t have. Instead, make the most out of what you do have. This space will dictate your dining style.

If you have enough space to set up a large table, then you can pull off a sit-down dinner. If a large table is out of the question, consider a buffet style of dinner featuring smaller tables. Encourage your guests to sit on chairs, couches, and benches to eat.

The size and amenities in your kitchen will also give you an idea of how to plan your menu. Can you fit a turkey in your oven? Do you have enough burners and counter space to cook everything you want to serve? There’s no shame in buying and serving pre-made items. Better yet, cook ahead of time so you can prepare more meals if you want to make use of your culinary skills. It’s all about proper Thanksgiving prep.

Rearrange Boldly

Take a step back and really look at the space you have. Swapping spaces or removing furniture is the best way to buy you and your guests a little more space to move around in. If you have many relatives coming over, you will have to rearrange the place anyway, so it’s better that you do it ahead of time.

Making more room lets you be a little more creative with your usage of space. Consider pushing furniture against walls in the meantime. Remove side tables and other small furniture that are in the way. If you can take it another step further, you may be able to repurpose items to hold food, drinks, coats, bags, etc.

Your guests will be staying in the living room, dining room, kitchen, but they generally won’t be staying in the bedroom—so this is where you can stash your other things for now.

Use Space Strategically

The bedroom can store all your unneeded furniture for the time being. But it can also store jackets, purses, and shoes so that they remain out of the way—and so guests know where to look for them afterward! Alternatively, you can use the bedroom as a playroom to keep all the energetic children busy.

If you have a patio, it’s a great place to store coolers for cold food and beverages.

If your kitchen is small, de-clutter it immediately. In fact, de-clutter the entire house. It will begin to feel bigger once you’ve thrown away all the stuff you no longer need.

Dine Creatively

Working with a small space is tough, but it also allows for a more intimate holiday bonding experience where everyone can eat together and talk. So when it comes to hosting a dinner party, you only need two things: places to sit, and surfaces to eat off of.

You can put several smaller tables together and create a large gathering spot, for example. Even sturdy boxes and accent tables can be used as dining surfaces in a pinch. Just cover them in tablecloth to make them more presentable, of course.

Renting chairs is certainly an option, but also consider benches, couches, stools, etc.

At the end of the day, you and your guests just want to have a good time. It’s the company that counts, not space. If they can all move comfortably, and the place is clean and organized, then Thanksgiving should be an enjoyable affair.

If all else fails, ask for help! Tell guests to bring their own chairs or small tables if absolutely necessary.

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