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Auburn Hills is a city in Oakland County in Michigan that’s great to visit for a day trip or as part of a vacation in Michigan. It houses the world headquarters of Chrysler, Oakland University and the former home of Detroit Pistons. Back in 1908, the automobile genius, John Dodge bought a farmhouse in Auburn Hills and made it his retreat house. The city has a peculiar upside down “L” shaped which makes it one of the hardest to navigate through, so tourists may find themselves in and out of Auburn Hills depending on which way they travel. Nevertheless, the city houses a number of precious historic finds and natural wonders.


Oakland University

Tourists often pay homage to Oakland University which shares a border with Auburn Hills and Rochester. The university grounds hide a marvelous gem with scenic beauty. It also has an old yet very attractive clock tower, as well as landscapes with ponds and hammocks. Their food court even has a Chic-Fil-a, which is one of the few locations still left in Michigan and happens to be the first in the state. They have a different event going on throughout the year which makes it a bit more interesting for visitors.


Walter P. Chrysler Museum

The city is home to the Chrysler’s headquarters. It had its own building that used to be like Disneyland to car lovers. However, the museum is no longer available. Some visitors who visited the location described the museum as a precious place that brings back sweet memories. They had ‘one-off’ projects cars that a certified motorhead would appreciate. It’s worth a quick drive to this iconic place while planning your next stop in Auburn Hills.


Hawk Woods Nature Center

Camping is often seen as an integral part of father and son bonding moments. But for a fun activity, visitors come to the Hawk Woods Nature Center to experience a rustic kind of bonding for the whole family. The center offers a great family activity all year and everyone will find it enjoyable and interesting. People come here to teach their youngsters how to deal with the outdoors and spend some time away from all their gadgets. It is a great way to teach kids an old school way of living and tell camping stories they will hold dear in their hearts. The Hawk Woods Nature Center has well-groomed trails, boardwalks, and heated showers. All these amenities rest in the middle of 80 acres of scenic meadows and forested woodlands.


Sea Life Aquarium

Tourists come to the Great Lakes Crossing Mall not just to go shopping but to see the largest aquarium in Michigan. Sea Life Aquarium caters to families as their facilities are all child-friendly. It features over 5,000 sea creatures like sharks, octopus, turtles and much more. They have many interesting sea creatures swimming in their tanks that you won’t find in a regular aquarium.  They also have an aqua tunnel and an interacting area for some of the animals. For some, it’s a great diversion for kids to look through (with an older sibling)  while their parents do some serious shopping around the mall. Nevertheless, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon with the family. Sea Life Aquarium also offers educational tours discussing the ocean and the environment.

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