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 Escanaba is a port city in Michigan’s Delta County and can be found on the banana belt of the Escanaba River in the Upper Peninsula. It is the third largest city in the region with 12,616 residents. Escanaba Township can also be found just north of the port city sharing the same name. Both are named after the Escanaba River, a name which was derived from the Ojibwa language.


Delta County Historical Museum

Make time to visit the Delta County Historical Museum to learn some interesting facts about the history of Escanaba. Back in the day, a WDBC radio station used the building but moved to a new location downtown during the 1950s. The city then acquired the building and let Delta County Historical Society leased it in 1956. The city government allowed the society to use the building as a museum for a total of one dollar a year.


Fayette Historic Townsite

Tourists often come to the Fayette Historic Townsite not because of its modern amenities but for its rich history. don’t miss your chance to experience the life of the pioneers back in the days. The town was once a thriving industrial community that is well known for its production of iron ore from 1867 to 1891.  However, when the industry fell because of the Great Depression, residents left the town.  It later became a ghost town. The city preserved the area and even introduced real life recreations of the 19th century. Actors wear era-inspired costumes and portray the daily life of the former residents. Visitors can get a real glimpse of Americana before modernization.


Sand Point Lighthouse

Located at the end of Ludington Street and Escanaba Municipal Marina is where Sand Point Lighthouse and Historical Complex stands. The lighthouse was fully restored and equipped with a Fresnel fourth class lens placed at the focal point of the tower. It has an interesting story, though.  According to urban legend, Mary Terry, one of the first women that served as a lighthouse keeper on the Great Lakes would occasionally appear on the grounds. Several years after her death, she was still reported to show up at the lighthouse to check up on things.


Upper Hand Brewery

To end a great day at Escanaba, the Upper Hand Brewery offers a unique blend of beers to tired tourists. They have one of the best-crafted beers in the North, which celebrated the flavors of nature. They have an onsite brewery where visitors can taste their hand-crafted beers fresh from the barrels. Relax in their cozy tavern while waiting for the sun to set .


William Bonifas Fine Arts Center

The name of the center was derived from “Big Bill” Bonifas who came to the Upper Peninsula in the 1880s from Luxemburg. He focused on the timber industry where he made his fortune. Meanwhile, his wife Catherine had another purpose in life – making donations in the cultural and educational matters for the city. Tourists flock to the center because of its unique exhibitions and art displays. Due of its contributions, the center was given the prestigious “Governor’s Arts Award” in 1990 and in 2007.


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